Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What is wrong with me??? lol, a whole month? 

Does anyone else struggle with this? It's not that I don't like posting...I actually really love blogging. But sometimes it's so hard to motivate myself to just sit down and do it. And then come to find out, a month passed without me posting anything...what the heck??? But don't worry, y'all will be sick of me soon! Why's that you say? Because, tomorrow is May!!! and what happens in May? That's's go gray in May. I will once again be wearing gray everyday in May and posting pics of my outfits every day to raise brain cancer awareness. 

It's been a pretty jam packed I will try to give y'all the Cliff note version :) 

We had an awesome dinner party with Kim and Torrey and Dave and Sarah...unfortunately, I can only show y'all a couple pics...the rest are blackmail, it was the best party! 

Once again, David and I forgot our anniversary. It's kinda a tradition at this point. I'd say we have a 50% chance of remembering...we even managed to forget our first anniversary! I'd say we might have actually remembered half our! My mom Facebooked me to say happy anniversary, and I was like, what is she talking about?! It's not the 25th yet...and then I looked at the date and was like, crap, it is the 25th! lol Turns out David had to fly out to CA for a last minute job the next day, so we decided we'd celebrate the next weekend. 

It was so funny, my mom was coming out to visit for a bit...David actually flew out that morning and she flew in that afternoon. She joked that he planned it. :) We had a nice visit...didn't do too much, mainly relaxed...she loves hanging with the kids, of course! and they always love when Mumsie comes to visit! While she was here, Red Three had some artwork on display at the children's museum, so we went to the ceremony for that.

Afterwards, Mom and I headed to Hot Music on a Warm Night, my Mops group's fundraiser. It's a night of fantastic music, a Broadway revue sort of concert. The most amazing singers donate their's amazing! The talent is incredible, and it's become a wonderful fundraiser for our group. Several of my dear friends direct or sing in it.

The next night, David and I headed out for our anniversary date...dinner and a movie, only we did it backwards. Captain America: The Winter Soldier...I was so super excited!!! As I'm sure y'all have picked up on, I'm a bit of a it just looked so good! Needless to say, it lived up to expectations! Mild spoilery pics...but seriously, it's been out for a month...shame on you if it's spoiled! lol

As everyone should know by now, you never leave a Marvel movie till all the credits play...there's typically one or two scenes either from the next Marvel movie or else just a fun scene for the current movie. This one set up Avengers: Age of cool! I was seriously geeking out and David was like, can we leave yet?

You tell them Tom! lol

Afterwards we headed to Black Eyed Sally's in Hartford for dinner. It kinda a Cajun/BBQ joint that has live music...obviously, there's no way it's as good as the real thing, but not bad for up here!

On Sunday, David suggested that we go to the Cathedral in Hartford. We had heard all about it...that the stained glass windows were amazing, but we always forgot to ever go. My mom was thrilled...and the girls absolutely loved it!

The marble has fossilized shells in it!!! so cool!

The stained glass walls were incredible...indeed, all the architecture was beautiful!

While my mom was here, it snowed the most enormous snowflakes I think I've ever seen! They were like giganctic fluffy cotton balls! It even snowed a few weeks later during spring break in the middle of April. Ugh!!! this spring has been such a tease!

Heading to the airport...
 I took a sad pic of the kids after Mumsie left...
Buddy was so sad, he fell asleep :) 

Mom escaped just in the nick of time! She was able to avoid the torture that is elementary school! Red One had hers Tuesday night for orchestra, then Red Two had hers the next night for band. Thankfully I dodged the Thursday night concert for chorus, as this year neither of them participated...whew! lol...It actually wasn't as bad as last year, lengthwise...think they split them up this time, which made it more bearable.

That following weekend, Papa came home to visit! We were all so happy to see him! We didn't do anything too much...just hung out and visited. We went and ate at Rachel's new job, TGI Fridays. We checked out a new state park we hadn't been to before, Valley Falls State Park. The kids had a blast, even if it was windy as all get out...Buddy got soaked playing in the pond. We explored the trails they was really nice! We'll definitely go back in the summer to check out the swimming!

OK, gonna wrap it up for today...I'll cover the last two weeks of April in tomorrow's post...and remember, WEAR GRAY IN MAY!!!