Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 31 - Gray May

We did it guys! A whole month of gray...y'all better believe tomorrow I am wearing the brightest most colorful outfit I can find! hahahaha...hey...the weather has been gray and yucky pretty much all month...there's only so much gray you can take! lol

Here it is...the last gray! Finally wore my Go Gray in May shirt ;)

We're ending with a a guest post for our last day. My mom sent me a pic of her gray...thanks Mom!

The kids were supposed to have field day today, but they cancelled because of the drizzly, dreary weather. Sprinkled on and off all's rescheduled for tomorrow. Of course, now I can't go, because I have lab...oh well.

It worked out though, because today is Sarah's birthday!!! Hooray! She and Kim and I went for a quick walk (soaked my shoes...but hey, at least we got a couple laps in!)...then headed to Cosmic Omelet for birthday breakfast. It was Kim's birthday a couple weeks ago we always try to celebrate together for both of them! I should have gotten a pic of the three of us...but we were all still in our grubby workout these are the best girlies I could wish for in my life! 💖💖💖 Happy Birthday chicas!

It's such a cool, little breakfast joint...they have homages to all different sci fi'll find Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and more all represented on the walls. I always have a hard time choosing what to eat. They have these divine cinnamon roll pancakes that are my favorite...but the biscuits and gravy are always good...and they were calling my name this morning! I was proud of myself...I left a few bites on my plate...haha...I usually polish the whole thing off! Baby steps!

I totally vegged out the rest of the day. Brought David home an omelet of course...too bad he can't eat the loaded hashbrowns...those are his favorite. I watched an episode of Flash. Contemplated reading my lab chapter for tomorrow...but naw...I'll do it before class, I have a couple hours in the morning. Totally took the day off. I did check Blackboard (online program for school) for any announcements. Found one from the professor...

Guys the raw score for lecture test 1 was a 71.7.
I don't remember what I promised for me to buy pizza.   I believe it was a 70?  
So at the next pay period; following that I'm going to get 3 party pizza's sent up to the room.
I totally forgot that he had said he would buy pizza for the class if our average before bonuses was made it! So pizza is happening soon!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 30 - Empty Brain

Before the test...


After the test...


BTW, isn't that shirt cool??? I snagged it at Savers yesterday...I like the white silhouette of the Star Wars IV's subtle but so neat once you see it! 

I swear that professor loves trying to scare us. The test was long and in depth, but as long as you studied, it wasn't that bad, thankfully! We were all bummed when he announced that after the test time was up, 90 minutes, he would start the lecture. Ugh!!! I sure was hoping that I could leave as soon as I was done! I'm a fast test I was sitting around for almost an hour...wound up using the time to at least read the slides for the next chapter. Of course I didn't read ahead before the test! I was busy studying! We were all moaning and groaning. We did the Kahoot quiz (got third...which ain't bad) and we all did terrible. He was all, who read the chapter. No one! One girl said, I didn't know you were gonna lecture. He's all, it was in the syllabus guys. Who reads that every week?!?!?!? hahaha....oh well. He posted the rough grade from the test tonight, without the bonus points...I got a 96. I killed the bonus points though, so that's a cool 100!!! Not to brag or anything :P lol...dude, I'm so psyched though. Of course, he likes to kill the buzz by saying that was the easiest one...blah, blah, blah...but I got this. I know I got this feeling a teeny bit less stressed. 

After school I had to take Shift to her doctor appointment. Then home for dinner...spaghetti, bread, olive garden that they sell their salad dressing! Then just relaxed, no more school work tonight. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 29 - Happiest of Days!

Happy Birthday to my love! I am happy you were born! :) It's certainly been an adventure, but it's better than I could have hoped for...back when we were two screwed up teens...and look at us now! We rock! :)

This is my favorite picture of David when he was little! Look at those cheeks!
This was before I knew him, when he was a cocky SOB! lol
I mean seriously! Look at him! lol
Now this is when I knew football! Except for the bleached hair! I kept asking him to do that again and he never
Our wedding! 
We were babies! I was 19 and he was 20!
Paintball fiend
Date night at Medieval Times...check out that hat! I loved that thing! It was like an Australian hat, all leather with teeth on the
First baby! David tore up his hand with a chainsaw at work right before Shift was born!  
Two babies
When we lived in Colorado
I look like a weird corporate mom for some
Three babies! Now in Connecticut
Daddy is SO outnumbered!
Niagara Falls
I love this picture!!! So cute!
Four babies!
Daddy and his boy! David was diagnosed about 6 months after Buddy was born. So this is right before it all started. 
This was the summer after David's first surgery
The fam
He's had two surgeries at this point.
The Davids
Happy David
Waiting for treatment...about a year after third surgery...It's been a long hard road, but you've been amazing! And proving those doctors wrong! Keep it up honey!!! That's an order!

We already celebrated, so today was super low key. In fact, I didn't really see David till the afternoon...he was recuperating from the eventful weekend. Took a lot out of him. He needed a refill of his pain meds though, so this morning I headed out to take care of that. They always take longer to refill pain meds than regular meds. So I had a bit of time to kill...perfect for heading to Savers for the 50% off sale!!! hahaha

my happy place ;)

I scored some cute always ;) Found Buddy some of of his favorite button up plaid shirts...Glitter some school pants. Even found some cute workout gear for me. Then I headed to Charming Charlie...they were having BOGO Free on their clearance jewelry. I love that store! It's so fun!! All's like a candy store for grown ups!

Back to pick up his meds and then home. Spent the rest of the day (trying to) studying for my test tomorrow. Apparently I didn't get as much sleep as I needed...I actually took a bit of a nap! I am not a napper...but I guess I needed it. David finally came downstairs...he actually came down earlier than Fluffernutter did! hahahahaha...that girl can sleep!

We've been hanging in the living room ever since. Haven't done much...just taking it easy. David went back on his to do him a favor we polished off his cake so he wouldn't be tempted. Aren't we sweet??? lol! I really need to get my butt in gear though! That test ain't gonna take itself! Guess I better take myself off to work on it some more!