Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 6 - Hot Music

Today is just gonna be a quick's late...why is it late? Well, I spent most of the day my pjs...I even slept in! It was awesome. Then I got ready for my evening out.

Glitter was not only wearing gray, but sparkles like me too! Don't cha just love Buddy's photobomb?
I was wearing sparkles because Sarah and I were going to Hot Music, a Broadway review that doubles as a fundraiser at the church that hosts the MOPS group I used to attend . 

A couple of our friends from our MOPS days produce and perform in it. This year was the 7th year! The level of talent that they have managed to recruit is amazing! Tonight was wonderful as always. We thoroughly enjoyed it! We even managed to make a great girl's night of it...grabbed a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop beforehand, then stopped for a quick drink afterwards. I always treasure the time we are able to spend together...get a break from the stress of our everyday lives and relax together. 💖 I always feel rejuvenated...which is priceless these days!