Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 26 - Friyay!

I love this adorable top I found...where else but Savers! OK, with or without lipstick??? haha, I normally don't wear color on my lips, mostly because it's a hassle...but sometimes a girl just wants some color!

We could not get moving this morning. All the kids were late to school, 3 different times mind you, other than Fluffernutter, who might have made it in the door on time, but was definitely late for class. First Shift...who has not had a good year as far as attendance! So many absences, etc, because of all her health issues...but this morning was totally my fault! Ugh! I finally got her up and going...then laid back down while she was getting ready...and conked back out. Meanwhile, she's all ready, but unaware of the time. I wake back up at 7:36! school starts at 7:30. Sigh...I'm all, you should have called me, she's like, I didn't know what time it was. Grrrr!!! lol. Fluffernutter is always hard to get out of bed...I'm yelling at her at like 8:05, she rolls out and gets in the car pretty quickly. Drop her off at 8:14...a minute to spare. I don't even know what happened with the younger two. Everyone was ready...just lost track of time. I did NOT have it together this morning! sigh...

Thankfully the kids did a really great job of helping get the house looking there wasn't lots for me to do this morning. I took care of some of the odds and ends that still needed doing, then Sarah and I headed for yoga. Oh man, I was still sore from Wednesday, plus the teacher was totally holding the poses for longer than normal. I was literally shaking on some of them! lol...

I was all gray! Gray F-cancer hoodie, gray F-cancer shirt, gray mat! lol...Sarah had her F-cancer shirt on too...we should have gotten a shot!

Speaking of the F-cancer gear...Stephen Amell, the actor who does these shirt campaigns every year, was on America Ninja Warrior last night for the charity fundraiser Red Nose Campaign. I didn't see it last night, but the video was posted last night. He was awesome!!! Went through the course no problem...then even did an extra event, the salmon ladder! It was so cool! Y'all should totally check it out!

I needed to go to the grocery store to prep for company...even if we are eating out a few times, I need stuff in the house for some meals! I asked David if he wanted to go with me last night...and he actually said yes. What??? I totally wasn't expecting that! when I got home from yoga, I got ready, got him up...even got him in the shower! Although I'm sure that was more for family coming in than for Walmart...hahahaha! Y'all don't even understand...that is a big deal! Anyways, he sat at the Dunkin inside Walmart most of the time...but he did come pick out the ice cream! hahaha...but I'm glad he came, got out of the house...and he's been downstairs ever since! It's the not so little, little things. 

My overgrown mess of a garden is finally starting to bloom! 
my eyes look so brown in this's funny how they change depending on the light and what I'm wearing...they're usually much more green.

Fluffernutter had her guitar lesson and band practice tonight...I almost forgot! But she remembered! Good thing! She has a gig with her band coming up in like a week or two. Then it was time to go! Papa and Miss Lissy were meeting us straight off the road for dinner...Mexican food is pretty much a no-no on Atkins, so of course that's what David wanted first on this weekend he's taking off...haha! So Margaritas it was!

She's so cute! They are too ;)
Shift had gray on too!
yum! Buddy likes queso! And my blood orange margarita was pretty tasty.
I loved these skeleton mariachi statuettes!

David didn't love his food...because he ordered something weird like he usually does...and then usually winds up not liking! hahaha...he needs to stick with the basics that he likes, not try to experiment...he's really not the experimenting type! lol...Shift told him he wouldn't like what he ordered...she said he should just let me order for him from now on! hahahaha...He ordered a fish tacos, yes please! but a fish burrito? That's weird even for me! lol...oh steak and shrimp fajitas were yummy! and the sopapillas for dessert were awesome! Although, they were tiny! I'm used to the big fluffy ones.

It was great to see Dad and Lissy...the kids were SO happy! After dinner they came by the house for a was a long day of driving for them...but they hung out for a while. Freckles was very happy to see them they pay attention to her! haha

Glitter fell asleep...she's not much of a night owl...definitely more of an early bird! glad tomorrow is Saturday. I am so sleeping in, and I think everyone else is too! haha...Dad and Lissy headed to check in their hotel...probably won't see them until pm :)