Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 12 - I'm a yoga girl now :P

Today Sarah and I went to the gym...and the pool was out of commission again! lol...Apparently it needed shocked. That's a bit annoying, as that was one of the deciding factors for picking that gym. But it's all good, hopefully it'll be usable next time. We tried out a yoga class, and let me tell ya, I liked it way more than I thought I would! I've never done any exercise class, and I was super glad Sarah was there. I'd have been way too intimidated to go on my own. But the pace was great...there were a bunch of elderly people there, so it was just my speed! ;) But seriously, I wasn't sure if yoga would be my cup of tea, but it was good. I've done tons of pilates videos, so it wasn't totally foreign. I was skeptical I'd last a whole hour, but it was totally doable! We'll definitely do more classes. We saw a rhythm/dance class going on before the yoga, and it looked pretty fun, and not too difficult...I'm super uncoordinated! I've done lots of dance videos too, but I'm always out of step! hahaha Don't know why, I used to be a pretty good country dancer back in my Texas days! lol

I have gray on my shirt...and my mat is gray!

I had two kids home sick, Fluffernutter and Glitter. I totally should have made Glitter go in though! She was acting totally pitiful like Fluffernutter, but then like an hour later, totally fine! I got snookered! It really puts a damper on the whole schoolwork thing when they're's much harder to concentrate with them around. Oh well...I learned my lesson! No more sick days!!!

My official, non workout, gray!

Tonight David and I were supposed to go to our couples group, but he was feeling pretty nauseous. :/ It was the last one too. I even made a decadent nutella poke cake! It's obscenely rich, but so good! Kids were happy though...they're always hoping for leftovers. It was a cake for dinner night. It's weird, David's been more nauseous and had more vomiting now that he's off chemo than when he was on it. I don't get that at all!

Alright, let finish getting caught up...April is all that's left. Auntie Sarah had bribed the kids to help clean the house to get it ready for Mumsie's I took them all, well, all except Fluffernutter (she was in DC for her 8th grade trip) to Starbucks. Thanks Auntie Sarah!

Buddy lost a tooth
Waiting in the middle school parking lot at near 11pm to pick up Fluffernutter from her school trip to DC! Can't wait to hear all about it! And then go to bed...because this former night owl is getting old..

Happy to have my girl home! It's so funny what a difference one kid makes! You'd think going from 4 kids to 3 in the house wouldn't be that big a deal...but it was a huge difference! Hard to explain, especially since she hides in her room all the it felt so much emptier!

Glitter had her spring concert 
Mumsie got to go too!

Getting the first of 2 MRIs after finishing this chemo treatment. We'll be back here next week for the second, then meet with the doc to find out the plan going forward. Prayers for good results please!

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling accomplished.
April 5
whew! long day! Once all the kids were ferried to school, I got David up, drove to Westchester, NY for his MRI...which btw, took forever! We finally got out of there around home around 4...made my grocery list...then worked on my chemistry lab report until now...finally finished it...too late to go to the grocery store. My dad flew into NJ today, and is almost here, otherwise I'd go really need groceries, so I guess I'll go first thing in the morning after school drop-off...before my chemistry class at 1140. um, yeah, I'm beat! But hey, on the plus side, I got my lab report done! yeah!

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling proud.
April 6Manchester
Overheard this morning, an exchange between Glitter and Buddy..Buddy to Glitter,"fool of a Took!" to which she responded "dummkopf!" insult war ever!

So funny!

Grandpa flew in to visit for a few days before taking Mumsie off to NYC and NJ to see family. They came back for Easter though, before flying back to CO. We made a giant 4 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was kinda accidental...the recipe said it made 3 nine inch layers, but I only had two 9 inch pans, but four 8 inch I filled three pans and still had enough for another cake. It was so huge! lol

Glitter made the cake! Buddy cracked the eggs, Shift made one batch of frosting, and I made the other...we had to make 2 batches to frost the whole thing! It was a group effort ;)
the menfolk were ready for cake!

David was scheduled for another MRI on Monday, then a lumbar puncture on Tuesday plus an appointment with the doctor. We were driving to the MRI and David got sick in the car...thankfully I always have a bucket...that would have been bad! He decided he didn't feel well enough to get the MRI done, so he cancelled it...which snowballed into a mess. There's no point in seeing the doctor without the scans done, so that appointment the next day would have to be rescheduled, plus the MRI of course. So I'm on the phone with them trying to get all that figured out. Unfortunately, the MRIs were all booked up to mid May, except for one opening on Thursday, my school day. :/ Plus, the lumbar puncture was not rescheduled, so we still had to drive all the way into the city the next day, just for a 30 min procedure. Oh, and did I mention this was the kids spring break? I was so stressed out and frustrated! I didn't handle it too was bad! Then Sarah to the rescue! She was leaving for vacation that night, but managed to steal me away and get me a pedicure before she left. It was a lifesaver, seriously! More than just the pedi, which don't get me wrong, is super relaxing and awesome! But just the fact that she was there and ready to inconvenience herself to help me, comfort me...that's an amazing friend! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

When you're having the most stressful week... And it's only Tuesday... Your bestie takes you for a pedi, and the world is right again! Thanks Sarah!!! for taking the time right before leaving for vacation...

I got myself under control and decided to have the best week I could with the kids, rather than dwell on the negatives. I only had Wednesday and Friday as free days, plus the weekend of course...Thursday was the rescheduled MRI. I had Friday off from my school lab, because it was Good Friday.

Finally had some fun with these awesome kids for spring vacation! Watched Lego Batman...loved it! then hit up Wendy's, the furniture store for a new couch, desperately needed, let me tell you! Then topped the day off with sweet frog! πŸΈ gotta go to NY for another mri tomorrow, but hopefully we can squeeze a little more fun in before vacation ends!

Boy, do I love these kids! they are so awesome! They swing with the punches and are really thankful for all the fun things we are able to do, but understanding when we can't get out to do stuff, whether because Daddy isn't feeling good, or Mommy is in school...I couldn't ask for sweeter or more precious kids!

Apparently I neglected to take pictures at David's MRI...that's unlike me. I wear gray and try to always get a pic. Oh well...onto more fun on Good Friday. Roller skating!

The girls were so cute helping Buddy!
Daddy came to watch...and eat nachos apparently ;)

Then I took Shift, Glitter, and Buddy for haircuts! Fluffernutter is keeping hers long. Glitter wanted an angle cut, but still able to put in a pony tail...poor thing, you couldn't even really tell she'd gotten it cut. I felt bad for her, it wasn't what she was wanting. She wanted to get one of those really angled, short in the back, long in the front cuts. Shift's haircut, on the other hand, came out awesome! It was so long, she was having a hard time taking care of it. It's perfect now though! so cute! Then I took Buddy to Sports Clips, which caters to boys...he didn't hate it, which is high praise. He likes having his hair all fixed, but hates getting it cut. He looked SO cute!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of stinking cute!
Shift is pretty cute too ;)

Saturday was my turn! It was perfect timing, right before Easter! I knew I'd be able to keep the blowout at least that long. I am just not that great at styling my hair...hahaha

Mumsey and Grandpa came back in for Easter. They made it in time to dye eggs:)

Heading to church!
They are just gorgeous!
David cleans up pretty good too ;)
Easter baskets!
Easter Dinner - ham, potato salad, bacon baked beans, rosemary carrot ribbons, asparagus, both the roasted and canned varieties, and orange creamsicle salad.
A princess and her Chucks
Ready for the Easter Egg hunt!
Poor Buddy managed to get a giant splinter...and was super brave while I was digging it out! Post trauma pic...
Shift made a lemon cake with fresh strawberries in between the layers, lemon cream cheese frosting, and strawberry compote.
Fluffernutter made David's requested bunny cake ;)  

We had an old leather couch that friends of my parents had given us back when we lived in CO, like 12 years ago. It was a really nice least, it was until Freckles dug and scratched a giant hole in it and ate a bunch of the foam stuffing...which she then puked all over the mudroom floor all night long. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Anyways, we've been living with the wreckage for years! I mean, I think she did that like 3 years ago. I got a foam insert and then just threw a blanket over it and called it a day. Except for all the times the blanket would go missing, or the foam, or was so annoying and super embarrassing if it happened when company came over. lol...anyways, it was high time to replace it. We really needed the seating! My mom has been bugging me for years to get a new sofa! Like, so annoying! needless to say, she was freaking thrilled when we finally did. sigh...I was hoping it would be delivered by Easter...but nope. It came Monday

Aren't they awesome! I love the color! It's like a dusty aqua, but it's muted enough that it works as a neutral...but it's a color! Yeah...y'all know I gotta have color! 
New couches! Just realized this is the first couch David and I have ever bought...does this mean we're grownups now???
Buddy lost his other front tooth! 

My semester was winding up. The college has shortened 15 week semesters, so it can run 3 full semesters a year. My final was on the 20th...cumulative of course. I was so nervous...especially since I had missed the last lecture because of David's MRI. Thankfully I did really well...I got an A in both my chemistry class and my computer applications class, which btw, was way more work than I was expecting. It was only half a semester, but for full credit. It wasn't difficult, but my many assignments! I was glad I only had chemistry for the first half of the semester, so I could get back into school mode. Like I said, it's been almost two decades since I've been to school! Of course, now I'm like, wow, chemistry was an easy class compared to this A&P I just started. This is gonna be way more work!!! And then midway through the semester, I'll add that Psych's another shortened module for full credit. Gonna need lots of prayers! lol

OK, he might look cute, but I was SO annoyed with him this day. It was Saturday. My first day with no obligations at all in weeks. I was so excited. I planned to do absolutely nothing. I mean, nothing. I was going to sleep in. Then who knows, maybe read a book, maybe watch tv, maybe browse the computer...the possibilities were endless. And, I even told him how happy I was...and that my plan was to do NOTHING. Until he gets a call Saturday morning (thankfully late least I got to sleep in a bit) from the audio repair guy that his CD player, oh, I'm sorry, I mean his "transport" cuz he fancy! was ready to be picked up. In Bridgeport. Which is an hour away! and what does this man say but, sure, I'll come get it this afternoon! WHAT????????????? Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!?!?! What the heck? Did you not hear me? I planned to do NOTHING...and couldn't wait to do NOTHING. He's all, you don't have to come, I'll drive and get it. Yeah, like I'm gonna trust you to drive my car by yourself. I let him drive for the first time in a year a couple weeks earlier, and I'm not kidding, I've never been so terrified! It was really bad. That lasted like 10 minutes, then I couldn't take it anymore. yeah, my nothing day turned into hours of driving. He tried to placate me by going to a seafood restaurant while we were down by the shore. It was just meh though. Cute restaurant, OK food. I was still annoyed! lol...he did drive on the way home, and it went much better. I don't know if he was just out of practice or what...I still don't really like him driving...and definitely wouldn't want him to drive by himself. It sucks...but since surgery, I just don't think his reflexes are that great...but maybe he's just rusty. That's what he thinks...I kinda think he's in denial...but it's hard. He's usually happy to let me drive though. It does make it hard though...I'm like the taxi cab for everyone in the house!

I didn't even have time to get dressed or ready there I am in the restaurant in my sweats and hoodie. :/
David got swordfish...that he didn't like...and I got soft shell crab (I wanted to try it...and now that I have, I probably won't was ok, but I'd rather have shell-less crab)

We finally got a break from the gloomy weather we'd been was bright sunny and warm. I only had Fluffernutter and Buddy with me at church...David and the other two were home not feeling well. It was so gorgeous out I had to take them to the park! Buddy was so happy! It's been a while.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever gotten of Fluffernutter. She was like, why are you taking a picture...and I was all, because you're beautiful, and she just looked confused. Then when she saw the pic she was embarassed, said she looked depressed or angry. haha...silly girl! I love it!!!
Then Uncle Mike played around with it on Photoshop...and it looks even cooler! Except she's missing a finger for some

Final tally - 4 Easter eggs found on the first mow of the year...hahaha.. tbh, I wouldn't have been surprised to find more...there is nothing funnier than seeing your kids' total lack of observational skills

Back to NY we went...

Snapchat while waiting for the doc! lol

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling blessed with David Woolley.
Thank you everyone for all your prayers and love! The Dr. visit was as good as humanly possible! (Still waiting on as good as divinely possible) The lumbar puncture results came back with no evidence of cancer cells in the spinal fluid, which is huge! And his MRIs are stable, meaning no change. I always wonder what the heck they do see, but as long as nothing is changing, I'm happy! It was such a relief and answered prayer! And keep them up!!! :)We'll go back in two months to repeat all the tests and visit. At least we get a couple months break!

Really couldn't have asked for much better results! It was such a relief...David was really nervous. We continue to be so grateful for all the blessings God has granted us...and for the prayers and love of all our family and friends! We wouldn't be here without y'all! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Glitter and Buddy tookπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ advantage of the slightly warmer weather to wash the stinky dog. I really don't think she appreciated their efforts

Glitter kept trying to make her feel better by giving her treats...and Freckles wanted nothing to do with it...just wanted the torture over with! haha
Warm and dry (and clean) at last!

And there you have it...we are all caught up! Yay!!!