Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 11 - ...I can't think of a this is

I don't really have anything clever or fun to say today ;) I had my first lab for my anatomy&physiology class...better known as A&P. Still hasn't changed my opinion that the class is gonna be tough and tons of work...but at least it won't be boring, so there's that. Here's my gray of the day.

Okay, I gotta tell you a story about these shoes...which are just adorable, right? Right. So quite a while ago, I had pinned a pic of some cute shoes on Pinterest. Then sometime later, I found those same shoes at Savers!!! I couldn't believe they were the exact same pair that I had liked. Like, what are the odds of that at a thrift store?!?

My original pin :)

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day. Fluffernutter was home sick from school...she caught Buddy's cold, but worse. She was supposed to go to her spring chorus concert tonight, but obviously that wasn't gonna happen with a sore throat. darn. hahaha....I often make FB complaints all during the concerts...they are seriously the worst sometimes! I'm sure I horrify some But the chorus concert especially is waaaayyyyyy too long! If you're gonna have like 7-8 different groups, then they can only sing like 2 songs at the most! Not 5's so bloated and just seems like a vanity project. One of my friends who always gets a kick out of my whining was there and asked where I was...hahaha...not there!!

So I go to grab my photos off my phone for the blog, and what do I find? literally over 100 pictures of Buddy boy! hahahaha...somehow he figured out how to do a burst shot. He probably thought he was doing a video, because it looked like he was talking if you flipped through the pics. Little stinker!

Just a little sample ;)