Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 5 - Geeky Delights

oh my goodness guys!!! I had such a good day...but first, let me show you my gray!

I don't have a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt (yet) but at least it was Marvel! ;) Fluffernutter got it for me for Christmas!

Today David and I met up with Sarah to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2...and let me tell you, it was NOT a let down! I loved the first one...thought it was quirky, hilarious, geeky, awesome with a's probably my favorite Marvel movies...and I love all my Marvel movies! And it doesn't even have Loki in it (who is my favorite!!!) so that tells you that it's amazing.

I mean, come on! That's hysterical!

Vol. 2 was different, but just as good. I honestly can't tell you which movie I like more. The first one was so different from most superhero movies, with so much heart, and weirdness, and hilarity. The second is even more so! The biggest thing is the second one doesn't stand on its own as really need to have seen the first one to understand everything going on. But I loved that while it was definitely a Guardians movie, it didn't just repeat the first one. It changed and grew and wasn't afraid to take some risks. It certainly wasn't perfect...there were a couple cheesy moments...but overall, it was awesome!

Drax was even funnier in this movie!

Long story short...go see it! and if you haven't seen the first one, what are you waiting for???

They had this awesome photo op set up! So funny!
Hey Star Lord, thanks for wearing gray in May!!!

Tonight David and I had our couples group bible study. I didn't feel like cooking, but I found this super cool looking pineapple salsa that you serve in the pineapple. Of course I forgot to take a picture before we started eating, but you get the was pretty yummy!

Alrighty, we up are to December, let's dig in!

This year our church partnered up with the Salvation Army to help ring the bells around the kettles during the Christmas season. The girls and I signed up for a Saturday morning outside Walmart. It was freezing! At least it was sunny...and we had some coffee and hot chocolate from Dunkin to help keep us warm! The kids were singing Christmas songs...a lot of the people really liked that...and Glitter was dancing like a maniac trying to keep warm! haha

Guess whose toes those are on the right...yes, those are David's!!! bwahahahahaha!!! Todd took us for pedicures, and David actually got a color...the same color I picked...cross that off the list of things that I thought would NEVER happen! so funny...but he definitely enjoyed the pampering...and his feet really needed it. They needed sandpaper for those feet! OK, maybe not that bad, but close!

Fluffernutter at her chorus winter concert
Glitter rocking the Christmas spirit for crazy Christmas decorations day at school.
Our monthly trip to the city for treatment.
Buddy and I watching Glitter's winter orchestra concert
prepping my annual Christmas tradition, cinnamon rolls! I make a ton of these babies!

Then this happened. My eldest turned 15! Are you kidding me??? I can't be old enough to have a fifteen year old. It's not possible that my tiny, cute, little, angel bunny is now 15!

Happy 15th birthday to my firstborn! You've been the lucky recipient of awe and wonder and tons of attention, as well as on the receiving end of all our newbie mistakes and inexperience and serving as the guinea pig for your siblings.... But I rather think you've turned out wonderfully 😉 love you babe! So proud of you!

She really wanted a chess board.
We went out for Chinese (one of her favorites) then home for cake and presents.
Even though her birthday is right before Christmas, I always try to make it super special, and decorate the dining room with birthday, not Christmas decorations.

Christmas Eve has always been a relaxing night for us. We used to spend it with David's family, eating appetizers and desserts and opening their presents. Now that we are without local family, we decided to try something new. We had Sarah and her boys over, Kim and her family, and Todd and his kids. Kept the laid back tone...just lots of apps and cookies, etc...hanging out, relaxing and enjoying everyone's company. It was seriously wonderful! We had the best time! I was kicking myself afterward, because I completely forgot to take any pictures. I'm hoping to make it our new tradition! The kids got to open one present before everyone got there...of course we made Buddy open his and Daddy's big present, which was a PlayStation 4. Look at that face!

Cookies galore!!! I even have a new favorite! Bourbon cranberry chocolate cookies...they were insanely good! cranberry chocolate chip cookie with a bourbon ganache on top...divine! 
Kids had fun decorating their cookies

Christmas Day the kids and I went to church. David stayed home, he was tired from the night before. Our tradition is stockings whenever they wake up, church, breakfast, one of the kids reads the Christmas story, then presents.

Could they be any cuter???
Daddy's up...must be time for presents!

So after all these years, I finally came up with a workable system for the kids to buy presents last year. Basically each kids gets a name out of a hat for either a sibling or parent (I tried to just have them pick each other, but they wanted us in the mix too...aww). They can't have the same name they had the year before. Then I take them out individually to go shopping for their person. It's a really fun time to hang with them, shop, and see what they pick out. It's one of my favorite things now! Anyways, Fluffernutter had Daddy this year, she got him the Texans ballcap, plus a coffee travel mug filled with Reese's peanut butter cups. It was perfect!

Feeding Fluffernutter's fox obsession and Glitter's obviously a unicorn fan.
Fluffernutter got a phone!
candy surprise
Even though Glitter didn't have me, she won this gift card at youth group and gave it to me because I love Chipotle!!! So sweet!!! meant a lot! 💝💝💝
Boots x 2
They all got Fight Cancer shirts!
Buddy had Glitter, and got her the Yoda hoodie!
Kept it simple for Christmas dinner...ham, cheesy potatoes, and Waldorf salad.

We were planning on going to see the new Star Wars movie...Rogue One. But David was feeling bad that day. Glitter and I were ready though! lol

Don't worry, we made it the next day...after Glitter went roller skating with Pinkie Pie!

haha, worn out! 

Finally, Star Wars!!! Y'all, it was so good. I mean, I'm sure you are already aware that it's good...because it's been out for months now. Right? Seriously, like, it's Star Wars!!! (let's just pretend the dark days of the prequels doesn't exist) But for real, it was an amazing movie, well done all around. Great story line, gripping heroism, awesome battles, small moments of individuals choosing the right thing...loved it! SPOILER ALERT!!!! I mean, it has been out for months! There is a limit to spoilers...The kids were super bummed by the ending though...they were all mad and sad...smad! Like why did they ALL have to die?!?!?!? The sassy monk and the sassy droid were favorites for them. I really couldn't pick a favorite character, I thought they were all really fleshed out, well rounded and each epic in their own right!