Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 4 - May the Fourth be with you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...I'm a huge geek!'s still hilarious and I like to say it! I even dressed for the occasion!

I even found this cute Star Wars cancer ribbon!
Millenium Falcon! 
Even though my hair is in desperate need of new color, I thought it still looked cool in my french braid :)

Today I had my dentist appointment. I'm terrible about flossing, but I have an electric toothbrush, so I managed to get a good report! woohoo! Although they do want to put a crown on an old root canal, so my tooth doesn't break...we'll have to see about it terrible that the first thing I always do after my cleaning is head across the street to Starbucks for coffee??? Oh man, did I enjoy my S'mores Frappuccino though!

Clean teeth!
So good!!!

Buddy had some gray on this morning. We walked to school again...the weather has been so great lately, finally! I'm trying to get the most out of it!

The ducks thought he was going to feed them, so they swam right up to him!

Let's check out November. The early part of the month was relatively quiet...well, for our household...America as a whole was quite lively! lol  😂 The kids had a Camp Kesem reunion. The counselors gave the parents a little tour of Yale which was pretty cool...the buildings are so beautiful!

I just have to post a pic of the reservoir! It's so gorgeous during the fall...well, really year round! It's such a great spot to walk! We were blessed by our church again this year with a huge bounty of food, etc to help with Thanksgiving. It was such a beautiful reminder of the way the body of Christ is supposed to act. 💖💖💖

So generous!

Mri waiting room blues... 😜

Then the following week...
Mri waiting room blues, pt. 2 😝 last week was the is the brain... And tomorrow is a full day of appts, lumbar puncture, and hopefully treatment (David's blood counts were low last week, so we'll see what the doc says)... As always, we love your prayers! Huge thank you to Sarah for jumping in and taking the kiddos tonight!

It's been a good day! Good mri results, everything is "fine"... (whatever that means... But it's better than not fine! Lol); his blood counts have remained good, guess it was a false alarm last week, praise God! The goal is to complete 12 rounds of chemo, this is long as he keeps responding well. They canceled the lumbar puncture that was scheduled for this afternoon, didn't think it was necessary as the scan results were good. And then, he got called right back into treatment, which is fantastic! The wait is usually killer! He's already half way through, so we should be heading home by noon!!! Can't get better than that!

So while David was doing pretty well with his treatments, Shift had been struggling with even more health issues. It was getting a little scary, and frankly just ridiculous! It's hard feeling helpless as a parent, searching for answers, etc...

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling concerned.
So I wanted to post an prayer request for all you wonderful people who always step up in a big way! Shift has been dealing with health issues for the last few months...extreme fatigue, bone and joint pain being the biggest...she was finally diagnosed with Vit D deficiency, and mono (she had the original illness back in June, but the blood work at the time came up negative)...guess she had a flare up causing the fatigue. OK, so we're thinking, yeah, maybe it'll finally start to get better, and it seemed to gradually get a little better. Until 2 weeks ago when she literally couldn't get out of bed! She said it felt like she weighed twice as much, that gravity had increased. It gradually wore off, and she just felt really weak and tired after. Until the next morning when it happened again. Then a failed sick visit with the available NP, who didn't really know all the issues she'd been having, and literally suggested take some Vit C, she's probably just fighting off a, seriously? So this past Wed, it hit her again, only this time at church, bible study! First time it happened when she was awake, before it only happened when she woke up. She got dizzy, lightheaded, spinning room, sat down so she wouldn't fall, and then got stuck. She was literally paralyzed for about an hour and half! Poor thing was all by herself for like 15-20 before anyone even found her! I was holding her hand, asked her to squeeze it, and, nothing. Not even a twitch. It finally wore off and I got her home. She wasn't in immediate danger, she could breathe and talk, just not move. Never got callback from on-call dr...don't know what happened there.In the morning I got her in with her pediatrician, who is fantastic! Lots of neuro exams...super familiar, seen them a hundred times, though usually at David's appointments :/ anyways, her left side was noticeably weaker and less coordinated than her right. Her pediatrician said it could be caused by several different things, post viral (i.e. mono), asymptomatic migraines (she also had headaches and nausea), and several other neurological issues. She immediately referred her to a neurologist at the children's hospital. They agreed it was not an ER issue, but certainly urgent. He wanted to see her within the week. Long story short, we have an appointment tomorrow with a neurologist who will hopefully be able to figure out what it is causing the issue, and even better, hopefully be able to do something about it! Anyways, y'all rev up those prayer machines for us again! <3 span="">

The appointment with the neurologist was not as pleasant. While he certainly seemed to be competent, etc...he was totally weird! He maintained WAY too much eye contact and I don't know, just was totally awkward! Shift and I were not comfortable with him...couldn't wait to get out of there. It didn't help that he didn't have an instant solution. He felt that while something was definitely going on, he thought the cause was mainly stress. Which seemed crazy that it would be causing all the problems! She was literally paralyzed in front of me for about an hour! Do you have any idea how frightening that was??? While I'm having to remain calm so I don't freak her out more than she already was! I was so upset. Like what can I do to fix that? Her dad is super sick, she's in first year of high school, she's been sick with mono and Vit D deficiency, how do I lessen that stress??? Needless to say while I was happy it wasn't something medically serious, it was a super frustrating answer. And then to make matters worse, he seemed to be proven right. lol...eventually as she recovered from the effects of the mono, and her vit D levels improved, and we did everything we could to lessen the stress, the paralysis spells got less and less, finally going away sometime in December. It was horrible while it lasted though!

Thanksgiving was just going to be us again this year. I did NOT enjoy that last year, so we invited Todd and his kids over to celebrate with us all day, not just dessert, since they didn't have family to join either. We had a great time, with tons of amazing food!

I didn't take as many pics as I should have, but a successful, plentiful, wonderful Thanksgiving was had! We continued our tradition of cheering on the runners in the road race, stopped by our neighbors for apps, and had some dear friends over for a friendsgiving feast! Not only that, but even with my crazy week, everything came together for the least stressful day in a few years! Have to say, I'm a fan of splitting the cooking duties! 10 pies (pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, apple butter, pecan, and maple cheesecake), maple orange cranberry sauce, southern cornbread stuffing, 20lb bird that actually came out pretty great, mashed potatoes, gravy, and honey butter rolls. Our friend brought a Tuscan pork roast, roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole with candied cranberries and chocolate granola, twice roasted potatoes, Italian stuffing muffins, and corn casserole. Food coma!!! But, stayed on top of it all, and hardly have any dishes left to do! Hope all of y'all's Thanksgiving celebrations were as wonderful and blessed!

We always walk down to the end of the road to watch the runners! The best part is when they dress up...there are some crazy costumes!! It's a huge race, 15,000 official runners, plus plenty who just run without registering ;) The kids were freezing this time though!
Don't those look amazing?!?!?!

Of course we all know what happens the weekend after Thankgiving! No, not Black Friday! No thank you. I have no desire to join in that madness! I love to shop, but that is SO not worth it! lol...Amazon for the win! Anyways, that's when the Christmas decorations come out! I love putting the tree up! The kids like decorating it. I just love how special it makes the room feel! It makes me happy the whole time it's up! Just walking in the room and seeing the colorful lights and pretty decorations always lifts my spirits. And Christmas music too! haha, David hates Christmas music...and I blare it all season long! hahahahahaha
Daddy even came and watched for a bit.
Glitter did the most work! She was so good!
Freckles didn't know what all the fuss was about
Ain't it purty?

I just love Christmastime! It's my favorite...not the everything else! And just like that, we're up to December!