Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 31 - Finish Line!

Whew! Made it to the end of another #GOGRAYINMAY! I'm always ready for some color by the time June rolls around...lol...But then again, I always look forward to May's gray. 

Ta-da! lol...Today's final gray

So David had PT and speech today. He actually got kicked out of speech...lol, not really, but he doesn't need to go to it anymore. He's above average with word recall, so they said it wasn't necessary. That was cool! Less cool was his heart rate, yet again. During physical therapy, his heart rate skyrocketed like usual, but his blood pressure plummeted! It was like 80/60! They had a nurse come check him out, she was pretty concerned. She really thought it was because he was dehydrated. I was talking to his therapist though, and he said it's probably not the cause, since this is an ongoing issues, but it's exacerbating it. She wanted to load David up in an ambulance and send him to the hospital to get fluids. She was super worried about it! David was like, nope...I'd rather die. Um, seriously? I mean, I know he doesn't want to go back to the hospital again, but you could phrase that better! lol...but basically they said they couldn't force him, but he really need to up his liquid intake, try to get to better footing, so at least it isn't making his high heart rate worse. So I've been pushing the water and gatorade since we got home! They also said he needs to rest (which he's good at...mostly all he does :P). His laying down blood pressure was up to 100/60something...and pulse was in the 80s. That's what made her think a lot of it was dehydration related...to have that much variance depending on position is usually related to being dehydrated. I mean, obviously that's not the only reason...he got fluids when he was in the hospital...and they ran all kinds of tests...but it certainly seems to make it worse. After his hospital stay, his stats were actually a little better, probably because they had him on fluids.

After that, he felt like he deserved ice cream. lol...so we stopped at Frisbie's again...it was still good ;)

Today is a special day! It's Sarah's birthday!!! Yay! 🎉🎉🎉🎂🎁🎁🎁 I can't wait to celebrate with her...and Kim, whose birthday was earlier this month while David was in the hospital. We always try to all get together and have a night together to celebrate their birthdays! Hoping it's soon! In the meantime, I hope you had a wonderful day with your boys!

Waiting to meet the Killers!
2Cellos concert
My 30th!
Probably my favorite pic of the three of us! The best besties to ever bestie :P

Don't know what I'd do without my sisters from another mister ;) But seriously, I love y'all so much! 💝💝💝

And that's a wrap for another May. I will do my darndest to continue to blog...I'm aiming for once a week...but don't hold me to that. Actually, definitely nag me ;) Thanks for everyone who shared a gray pic! I appreciate everyone's support and prayers! Hugs!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 30 - Memorial Day

A day for remembering all those who lost their lives in defense of our country and freedom. So thankful for all who put the uniform on, knowing that they might be called upon to lay down their lives. It's an amazing, courageous thing to contemplate! No matter where we fall on the political spectrum, I would hope we could all agree on this..."Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13

I follow Mike Rowe on FB, you know, the dude from Dirty Jobs...he's amazing! He always has the best posts, so witty, smart and full of common sense. Seriously, y'all should totally follow him! Anyways, he had a great post today on Memorial Day. I'm gonna see if I can share it....hang on...

Yay, I think it worked! If you're not on Facebook you can check out his website...I'm pretty sure he posts most of his musings there as well.

OK, so my Memorial Day was pretty low key. The Memorial Day parade got cancelled due to rain...we usually walk down to the memorial park where the parade ends. Instead we just spent the day relaxing! Cleaned up from the party a bit...lol...totally didn't do that yesterday! ;) Thankfully it wasn't much...just a couple loads of dishes and a little tidying...no big deal! Otherwise just hung out reading, watching some TV...no stress. Can't ask for more some days!

no makeup selfie! lol

I'm really glad May is just about over...I'm getting a little tired of gray...haha...but for real! lol

Day 29 - Celebrate!

Today was David's actual birthday, but we had his party last night. So in the morning I totally cheated and crutched (which means wrapping up in foil to speed along the stall...which is when the brisket will hover in the 140-150 temperature range...can last several hours before it breaks through) the brisket, and threw it in the oven. I needed the room on the smoker for the two pork butts! Don't worry, the brisket got plenty of smoke over the eleven hours it was actually on the smoker ;) It had a pretty nice bark on in! Then I spend about an hour weeding the patio! lol...I had tried to spray the weeds earlier this week, but they didn't die in time...I don't mind weeding normally (well, when I remember to) but I hate weeding the patio...it hurts, even with gloves on, scraping on the bricks...and they're a lot tougher to pull! Buddy helped me sweep it all up. I got the older two to mow the back...of course they waited a little too long and it was a scorcher! I got it all decorated and set up...it was looking good! Our neighbor John even came and weed-eated the whole yard! Such a sweetie!

I was trying to get the inside all ready...it was mostly done, but needed to be mopped, etc. Also prepped the peach cobbler...I told David if I ever do make it for him again, I am so buying frozen peaches!!! I was trying to be nice and get him fresh, but they are a pain to peel! And yes, I used the whole boil it for a minute then dunk it in ice water...so hit or miss! Just reinforced my aversion! lol

I still needed to grab ice and ice cream, so David and I headed for Fish Family Farms for the ice cream. That's David's absolute favorite. It's a local dairy farm, you can even go in the barn and see some of the cows and calves if they have them. He made me get 4 quarts...I didn't even know if I could fit them all in the freezer! As we were heading home a sudden storm hit us! It was crazy...nothing to torrential in just a few seconds! We got home and were like, let's wait, you could see it wasn't big! We could see blue skies! Instead it got even harder! We finally made a run for it...got soaked...and was so bummed! Then of course it cleared away a few minutes later! I looked at the radar, it was this tiny little multicolored storm cloud...like a bulls-eye right over our house! Argh! A bunch of the decorations came down :( I had a bunch of crepe streamers outside and they melted away...boooo!!!! Oh well, at least the paper lanterns were all fine. I had to throw the tablecloths in the dryer...and dump all the chairs that had been set up. We put the camper chairs in the sun, hoped they'd dry in an hour! 

Thankfully I'd already pulled the meat off the smoker before the storm. The pork was taking a little long, so I put them in the over to finish off. Finally, we were pretty much ready! 

my cute grey dress I scored at Savers! lol

We had a wonderful time! Lots of food, drink and friends! We had a good crowd, I wanna say like 20 or so...plus some kids. My kids were gonna be banished upstairs, but they wound up playing in the backyard, well, the younger two...but they were great. I wish I had taken more pictures...but I was running around at the beginning...and then I was just having fun...so y'all will have to take my word for it! ;) I did get a few...and Glitter took some too...lol...and I stole a few from my friend's phone.
me and my girls! Kim wore a dress just for me! ❤
my adorable little man
David was so happy to get a poker game!
Daddy was making her show off ;)

David had a really good time! It's been a while since we entertained at all...and as much he's a hermit, he really likes having people over! Maybe since he doesn't have to leave the house...lol...but he actually stayed downstairs the whole time!!!! Like 5 hours! That's pretty amazing! He was really happy. Of course today he didn't get up till around 530, but hey, it was worth it! And he watched 3 movies with the kids and I today, so that was cool too!

Thank you to everyone who came and all the food! It was great and we so enjoyed your company. We really appreciate everyone's support and I'm thankful we had such a great turnout to celebrate his birthday!

And here is today's gray!

I even managed to snag a pic with the birthday boy!

The girls were so cute! They made David a present by pulling out pics from my photo albums that had Daddy and them in them and put them all in a new book with captions and everything. They were so excited to show him...it was precious! And Fluffernutter made him a pineapple upside down cake, one of his favorites! 🎂 They love their Daddy!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day 28 - Partay!!! JK, not really...

OK, I'm actually gonna do today's post tomorrow...but just posting something for tonight before I crash!

There's gray! lol...it's a technicality, like this post :P I will post all the details from the party and a few pics of my actual cute gray outfit that I wore for the party...

Nite nite! 💤💤💤

Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 27 - Tired

Y'all, I almost went to bed without posting! It's been a long day ;) First off, Kim and Sarah and I went for another long walk around the reservoir again! That's twice this week, in case you weren't keeping count! This time we walked around 4 times! Which is great, because I need to get back into a routine! 

Then home to clean, prep, decorate, etc...Got a lot done, but still need to do more tomorrow. I really, really love to entertain! But I certainly do not enjoy the prep (nor do the kids!)...lol...need to get my lazy bones moving! I suppose if I were a better housekeeper it wouldn't be that big a deal...but I'm not...and my kids make me look like a neat freak! lol...sigh...

Anywho...it's getting there. I always say I'll keep it up...and I can for a bit, but then the kids destroy it and I just can't get it back to the way it was before! 

So, it's definitely not a glam day for me ;)

Although I do have these awesome unicorn earrings on! The butt is the back! lol...yes, I am easily amused :P

But take a look at these babies!

The brisket is already on the smoker...and these pork butts are gonna be joining it in the morning! Yum! Hopefully the fire department isn't called on us this time! ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 26 - Busy busy bee!

First, my gray!

Fight Cancer! This is the family friendly version! lol

Y'all will be happy to know I finally got a new battery charger for my good camera, so now that the month is basically over, I should finally start having some decent pics! lol

I was just running all over the place today! I needed to go grocery shopping...had to get ready for David's party! Thankfully Walmart actually sells full briskets (they can be really hard to find up here in Yankee land!)...so I got one of those, plus a couple of pork shoulders. Those will be going on the smoker tomorrow night! 

Then I had to rush back to take Shift to the doctor...she's been having this really weird stomach thing going on since the infamous sleepover! haha...but seriously, she's been dry heaving at irregular intervals since Tuesday! No actual vomiting, just sounds like it! It's the weirdest thing! Finally took her to the doctor, since I couldn't figure it out. Neither could they...lol...the doc said she thought it was just a viral stomach bug...but if she's not better by Monday then I'm supposed to call them. 

Then back home to try to clean up a bit, put the groceries away...get party ready. Seriously, these kids! Driving me nuts...I told Shift (who had dish duty yesterday) to do ALL the dishes. Like, I know there are leftover dishes from the day before...that's because my kids think that if they load the dishwasher they are done...doesn't matter if there are still a bunch of dishes left or items to be handwashed...in their minds, they did the dishes. Doesn't matter that I've said they are responsible for ALL the dishes, they have to clean them all somehow...nope, start the dishwasher, disappear. AARRGGHHHHHH....makes me SO mad! And if by some miracle they actually do all the dishes, the sink will still be nasty and full of gross things, because EWWW, I don't want to touch that! sigh...so yeah, I told her, do ALL the dishes. I get home, they are not all done. Same thing, I told Fluffernutter, who has the kitchen this week...make sure you clean all the counters and get everything off the floor. Nope. The floor was pretty decent...the counters were another story. Story of my life. They are the best kids most of the time. Really respectful. Super sweet and helpful. Terrible work ethic! I have tried and tried...so many different things. I don't want to do it for them...I want them to own it...but don't know how to get it through their thick skulls...do it right the first time! It'll save them time in the long run, not to mention tears and frustrations (the tears are mostly mine...lol). OK, rant over...for now...lol

David had his PT and speech today...we ran into a bit of traffic, which was weird, wasn't rush hour...we were like 5 min late to a 3:00 appointment. But they wound up taking him to PT at 3:30 and then to speech afterward...so it took longer than expected. The physical therapist came to talk to me, touch bases...she said this time, not only did his heart rate jump up like usual, but he actually had chest pains! Which is a bit worrisome...he's never felt anything when his heart rate rises. I mean, Sloan ran every test on him to figure out what was causing that accelerated heart rate, and nothing. But now he's having chest pain? Not too happy about that. She did suggest maybe trying to get a sitting down pedal machine...so he could still build some strength, but avoid standing and hopefully that would keep his heart rate down. So we'll look into that. 

Heading home we stopped at Dunkin for some iced tea...and then he decided that he was done with Atkins. I was happy, I didn't think Atkins was a good choice for right now. He's on chemo, Atkins can really drain your energy...not to mention it might be hard on your stomach a bit. Now's not the time to be stressing his body even more. So then, we stopped next door at a local ice cream place we've now passed a bunch! lol... Frisbies Dairy Barn. It was pretty good...David enjoyed his first sugar in a while! But really, I think it's a good thing...I wasn't that happy about him going on it to begin with, but wanted to support him in what he thought would be good. 

Finally got home about 5:30 (traffic! plus the extended appointment)...ready to make pancakes! Buddy asked for pancakes yesterday, so I told him we'd have breakfast for dinner! He was so happy...he's easy to please! lol...but then I freaked out...I knew Glitter had her spring concert at school tonight at 6:30...I figured they'd want her there like 6:15. Nope...6:00! sigh...so I only got one batch of pancakes made...bacon still in the oven...jumped in the car and ran down to the school to drop her off. Back home, get the bacon out, cook another batch...run upstairs to change...I had my tank and stretchy shorts on...not quite the right look for a concert ;) I wound up just throwing on a maxi skirt and leaving the tank...good enough! Shift took over pancake duty. Buddy decided he wanted to come with me, even though he'd already seen the concert during school today. So off we went. It was cute, but of course, he lost interest about half way through. Nope, we can't leave. lol...oh well. 

 They were so cute...did a great job!
Glitter and her bestie!
Buddy being silly

Home at last! lol...fixing to hit the sack...rest up...got lots to do tomorrow, but at least I don't have to go anywhere...I think...better check! well...I do have one thing...Fluffernutter has rock band practice, but not till 6...and I think I'll just drop her off. That's manageable ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 25 - Blessed

Guys, I almost have no words. Seriously, such an amazing end to a great day! OK, let me start at the beginning.

I know it's hard to tell, but the background on the shirt is all gray! 
Isn't this the best bag ever??? Goodwill find FTW!

Today Buddy had his end of the year celebration field trip to a local park with nature trails, a big pond, playground, etc. Thankfully I was able to chaperone! Yay! I always like trying at least do a couple if I can. I remember going on Glitter's same field trip, 5 years ago! He was so happy I came! And all the kids were so cute..."Mrs Woolley, I like your pink hair." hahaha, they are so adorable! The kids got to run and round and play for a while. Thankfully yesterday's gloomy weather was gone...bright, sunny, got up to 90!!! Wow! Supposed to stay hot the next few days...I shan't complain!

look at those knobby knees!
best hat ever!

After they played we took a nature walk. The kids' comments were too funny. "Look at the nature!" "I saw an eagle!" "Don't kill the nature!"

We saw a tree that was almost completely eaten through by beavers! and a bunch of downed ones...I was surprised this one was still standing! 
Butterfly Garden

Then it was lunchtime! And somehow, they all got their energy back and started running around like crazy again! lol...At one point I had a bunch of the boys all trying to get me and tickle me...hoping I would tickle them back...lol...so funny! When they were fixing to head back to school, Buddy said "Thank you so much for coming Mommy!" This boy! lol...he knows how to melt my heart!

We love Mrs. Kilgus!!! She's had 3 out of my 4 kiddos for Kindergarten!

I didn't quite enjoy the weather so much once I got home and needed to mow. It was really hot! But still, I'd much rather it was hot than cold!

whew...glad that's done! 
Glamour shot!!! haha, jk...this is what's known as a sweaty selfie!

Because I got so hot and sweaty, this is a bonus outfit day! lol...I took the coldest shower I could stand, trying to cool off! David and I were arguing over the color of this dress. I said it was gray...he said it was faded black. Really?? Isn't that just known as gray??? hahahaha

Anyways, back to what I was so happy about! Tonight I had my ladies bible study again...I honestly look forward to it every week! I love seeing my friends, but also, I'm always so encouraged and motivated! This particular study might just be my favorite yet. There have been some really good ones, and some just meh...but this one I am really loving! It's about how to pray with power and strategy...it's almost like a handbook, a how to...which I totally need. I've always had a hard time praying, doesn't really come that naturally. This makes sense to me...I'm so concrete and practical, so vague doesn't cut it. This totally breaks it down, while letting you personalize it, etc. I've actually stayed up some nights journaling till like 1 in the morning! Which is so not my norm! It's awesome.

I mentioned that last week's topic was about fear, and how we prayed for each other and it was awesome. Well, this week was so special! So, as I'm sitting at my group's table, I did actually notice that several ladies had gray on (I tend to notice that nowadays...lol), but didn't really think anything of it...then Emily, my group leader, once we had broken into our group, said that they all wore gray today to show support for me, since it was the last meeting in May. So sweet!!!

Me and my good friend Helen (she had to leave early, so I made sure to get a pic!)
Lovely ladies!!! So blessed with this group! 

So that was already totally awesome! But then they put me in the hot seat (lol...that's really what we call it...haha) and they all gathered around and prayed for me and David and the kids. I was so touched...and totally emotional. That's why tissues are always on hand...hahahah! It was great. Then we went on with the discussion for this week. So at 8:30 we headed back to the main group...and then Jackie, our leader, called me up to the hot seat there! ...so the whole group could pray for me! Normally I'd be so self-conscious and uncomfortable...but I was just like, this is great! I didn't even care, I was just soaking up all the good words and praising God. It was seriously wonderful...just powerful! And thankfully, one of my friends wrote everything down for me, so I can always remember what was spoken over me and my family! And to take it over the top, they also did a collection for us, along with more notes and prayers. It was incredible! I couldn't wait to go home and read everything to David...he was so amazed and grateful! Just trying to soak it all in...

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. I am so incredibly thankful that we were led to this amazing church. I have always felt the love and care of everyone, from the main pastor on down, since we started going there over five years ago...but it just keeps getting better and better. I truly feel like we are a family...and can't imagine trying to go through this without my sisters (and brothers too, I guess :P) in Christ. Y'all are definitely God's hands and feet. I can't thank you enough for all you do for my family! 💗✞💗