Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 22 - Church, Chores, and Church 

So I totally slept in today...did not make it to first church. But got to second church with the whole fam! Even David! He wasn't feeling awesome though, so he stayed out in the lobby...and then went to the car. He felt like he was going to be sick :( He's actually thrown up a couple of times since starting fun! We so appreciate everyone's care at church though! Pastor Dave has been praying for David every week during the service...along with the little boy who is also battling brain cancer. It really makes you feel the love of the community. Pastor Justin stopped to check on him as well, chatted for a few. David was happy he got to talk about Lead Belly with don't know if he'd ever even heard of him. In case you're wondering, he's this crazy hardcore gangster musician from the 30s...who got pardoned from murder twice! Because he performed for the governor...of two different states! Crazy!!! He's been covered by tons of rock stars...Nirvana performed "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" on their unplugged performance on MTV. And do you know how I know all that??? Because that's the sort of stuff David geeks out about and tells me all about! lol

Anyways, got off was I? Oh yeah, church. So, David went to the car...he actually had someone else come hang out with him a bit, which was super nice! He managed to relax and feel a little better. Of course, he crashed as soon as we got home. 

I like this pic! I look skinny! lol
love my cute shoes...Savers! lol
haha, yup!

When we got home, it was time for the kids to earn their keep! lol...Since we had a long day of fun yesterday, they had to get their chores done today. We usually do the bigger projects like mowing, bathrooms, etc, on Saturday. I let them off the hook, as they were all worn out from the fun...but I warned them it was totally happening after church. Of course, there were still some groans, but they did pretty good. The backyard is mowed, bathrooms are "clean" (yeah, their idea of clean isn't quite my idea, but it's gotta be better then they were to start with! lol) is fairly decent...I shan't complain.

Then I took the older two to Merge, which is the youth group at CLG. They had an awesome time (even if Shift had a bit of a teenage moment beforehand...I'm so tired, I don't want to go...blah, blah, they came out totally happy. See, Mommy knows best! ;) I know she's rolling her eyes at me right now! haha...but seriously, I do! Don't forget it!