Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 17 - Civil War!!!

Okay, today was AWESOME!!! I finally got to see Captain America: Civil War. Guys, I've been counting down...and finally, we made it! The kids really wanted to see it too, especially Fluffernutter, she's my big Marvel fan! I mean, all the kids like it, but she REALLY likes it! ;) Now that everything has finally calmed down a little bit...we thought today would be good (especially since it was discount day! haha). 

hahaha, this was totally Fluffernutter!

So today we got David's blood work done, then we picked up the kids from school and surprised them with the movie. I gotta admit, the previews were pretty awesome too! There was the new Jason Bourne trailer...and X-Men Apocalypse...and Star Wars Rogue One...and Doctor Strange! But then the main attraction started. It totally lived up to the hype...I mean, I was fully prepared to love it, but it was really, really well done!

me going into the movie...aww, who am I kidding, Team Cap all the way! lol

OK, I already knew I was going to be Team Cap...but I love RDJ, his Iron Man is fantastic! From all the reviews I knew it wasn't gonna be one-sided. I'd have to say that Captain America is probably my favorite superhero. I mean, I love Star Lord too...and obviously Loki is my favorite!!! But he's not exactly a hero ;) But Cap, he's just so good...he's decent, he fights for what he believes in, no matter what. There's a quote that I just loved! 

That's who Cap is. 
Why Steve Rogers inspires me - 2
Yes! I especially love the one with the Firefly quote! But seriously, can you imagine a better hero?

I knew it was gonna be brutal! Sebastian Stan, the actor who plays Bucky, summed it up in three words. "Brutal mental annihilation!" Yikes! Yet, I couldn't wait! lol

I'll keep it spoiler free...even if I am probably one of the last to see it...lol! I was super excited to see how they introduced Black Panther, and Spidey. I thought Falcon's upgraded gear was sick! Those armored wings were so cool! One of the special effects for Black Panther I noticed, whenever he landed, he was totally silent. I thought that was such a neat touch, catlike...haha, and Sam's question to him, so funny! The kid playing Spiderman was pretty perfect. I really liked the first two Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire...the third one was stupid. The reboots with Andrew Garfield weren't that great, but I loved him as Spidey, way more than Tobey. But this kid, perfect! And of course, Ant Man was hysterical! And Bucky...love Bucky!

Black Panther was great! and the costume was pretty fantastic!
haha, so that's why I'm Team Cap...I've got like 20 pairs!!!

I don't know that it could have been any better. I left totally satisfied...it was everything I was hoping it could be...epic, heartfelt, heartbreaking, funny, high stakes! It totally deserved every amazing review it got!

OK, I'm still totally high...hahaha...seriously, so GOOD! Alright, I'll shut up now :P

Back to the point of this blog ;)

Today's gray

And we have a guest post!!! Yay!!! Glitter's best friend's mom sent me her gray today!

Thanks Julie!
 Remember, I always love guest posts!