Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 21 - Picnics, Pools, and Pics

Today's gray! Ready for a day of fun and relaxation! 

Today, one of my friends, Magdalena, from my church ladies group invited us to go to her work's family picnic. Her company rented out a big outdoor event place for the day. There was a heated pool, rock wall, bounce house, photo booth, assorted events all day, face painting, all day buffet, unlimited cotton candy, popcorn, and ice cream. In other words, basically a kid's idea of heaven! lol Shift already had plans with one of her friends, but the younger three and I went. Magda also brought some of our other friends' kids too...we had a whole gang with us! lol

We had a great day! It was so much fun...they certainly didn't want to leave. Their favorites seemed to be the pool and the rock wall...although the cotton candy was definitely up there! lol Glitter must have had at least 5 cotton candies! Yikes!

Buddy has gray! Happy girl!
 look, Fluffernutter wore gray too!
she rang the bell!
hahaha...I actually tried...much harder than it looks! or maybe I'm just not as strong as I thought I was ;)
Buddy and Glitter actually made it all the way and rang the bell too!
They loved the pool!
Obstacle course races!
ice cream break!
 Buddy dropped his :(
Whew...he got a new one!
Thanks for the invite Magda! It was a perfect day!
our photo booth pics ;)

It was a really cool place...too bad they only do would be neat to have more family days there!

When we got home, Fluffernutter and Glitter both crashed for a bit...the kids definitely all wore themselves out! David and I hung out, watched some shows. Then Sarah invited me out for an impromptu drink/snack...she managed to get out of work early! I already showered and had my sweats on, no makeup...but David was like, "GO!" He didn't have to tell me twice! lol...Sarah always teases me...I have a reputation for always being the most dressy one in the group...sue me! I like dresses! she was like..."for once I'm the dressy one and you're in sweats!" Seriously though, she looked so pretty in her work clothes...I wanted her dress! lol

And now, to bed! Nighty night.