Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 27 - Tired

Y'all, I almost went to bed without posting! It's been a long day ;) First off, Kim and Sarah and I went for another long walk around the reservoir again! That's twice this week, in case you weren't keeping count! This time we walked around 4 times! Which is great, because I need to get back into a routine! 

Then home to clean, prep, decorate, etc...Got a lot done, but still need to do more tomorrow. I really, really love to entertain! But I certainly do not enjoy the prep (nor do the kids!) to get my lazy bones moving! I suppose if I were a better housekeeper it wouldn't be that big a deal...but I'm not...and my kids make me look like a neat freak! lol...sigh...'s getting there. I always say I'll keep it up...and I can for a bit, but then the kids destroy it and I just can't get it back to the way it was before! 

So, it's definitely not a glam day for me ;)

Although I do have these awesome unicorn earrings on! The butt is the back! lol...yes, I am easily amused :P

But take a look at these babies!

The brisket is already on the smoker...and these pork butts are gonna be joining it in the morning! Yum! Hopefully the fire department isn't called on us this time! ;)