Monday, June 1, 2015

Bestie Birthday Redux

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Actually, it was yesterday, but we haven't celebrated together yet, so it doesn't count!!! ;)

I know I didn't post about Sarah's birthday yesterday...I was wrapping up all the gray. But I did not forget! Sarah has been one of the best things about living in CT! Without her and Kim I don't know what I would have done with myself!

I remember the first time I saw Sarah...she went to MOPS, had been there a couple years before I started. She was one of those people that I've always envied...adorable, curly hair, total people person, everyone knew her...I've never been like that. I've always struggled with small talk, breaking the ice, etc. I mean, once I get to know you, it's a battle to get me to shut up, but if I don't know you, good luck getting me to say much. It's so annoying! lol...anyways, back to Sarah...the best word I can think of is vivacious! I knew I wanted to be her friend right off the bat...but took a little longer to make it happen. We weren't in the same small group...but eventually we started hanging out, have play-dates, and then girls' nights at my house with Kim. We used to get together almost weekly...David was working crazy hours and wasn't home much...and the kids weren't old enough to leave, so my house was the hangout zone. We would play Wii...especially bowling! lol...and watch movies...even did a Twilight movie party! hahaha....

I won tickets for a couple of concerts way back...I got tickets to a private pre-show type concert at the radio station with The Fray.

Fixing to go in!

But even better, a few months later I won tickets to my favorite band, The Killers!!!! David had no interest in either of them, so Sarah went with me! 

In the backstage catering area
Yes, those are the band members with the ticket winners...Ronnie Vanucci, the drummer, has his arm around me!!! 
It was an amazing performance!

As the years go by we've been with each other through life's ups and downs. They were the first to know that I was pregnant with Buddy...Kim and Sarah instantly knew as soon as I didn't partake in girls' night were the first to visit in the hospital after he was born. When my David got his diagnosis, they were there to support me. When Sarah's David was hit with the same disease, well, we gathered around. It sucks to have to go through cancer and all that entails, but to have each other to lean on and cry on and depend on...well, there's no better way. 

We've learned that in the midst of dark times, we still need to remember the good, and have fun!

Celebrating Sarah's 40th birthday!
Ain't she gorgeous???

We still make the effort to get together as often as we can...even if it isn't weekly anymore ;) But it's important to maintain our friendship, relieve stress, and offer a listening ear. I know personally, that girls nights have sometimes been the only bright spot in a very dark place. I thank God for bringing these beautiful ladies into my life! 

a few months ago! like the Joker green? lol 
last May 
and my birthday a couple years ago!

Love you Sarah! The happiest of birthday wishes...and can't wait to party!!! lol