Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 31 - May was all Gray!

Wow, hard to believe another Go Gray in May is over! But just because it's the end of May, doesn't mean it's the end of raising awareness. I'll continue to blog throughout the year, especially updates on David's doctor appointments and scans, as well any gray outfits :)

I gotta admit, I'm ready for some color though ;) But I managed to get through the whole month without any repeats! lol...David couldn't believe I had that much gray...said I might have issues...issues shopping! haha

Nothing too exciting and home...laundry, dishes, movies...the usual. ;) But sometimes those are the best plans, nowhere to be, just hanging out with the family. 

We did it!
My little redneck boy
Buddy took this pic of plus, she's in gray!

As always, I love having if you're wearing gray and want to send me a pic, I'd love to post it anytime! Thank you for checking out my gray again this year! I so appreciate all the kind comments and support! And stay tuned...I'll still be posting!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 30 - Slumbering and Shopping on a Saturday!

I was so beyond thankful that the kids let me sleep in this morning! Not only was I running low on sleep, but Saturday is the only day that I have a chance to sleep in. It was awesome! lol

The girls finally got their room clean wouldn't believe how bad it was! I should have taken pics! I mean, it's not totally their fault (mostly, but not all)...there are three of them stuffed in a room...once you put three beds and three dressers in, there's not much room for anything else. But their crap was literally, I kid you not, knee deep! It's only taken them like 2 months to get it done. It was the no electronics (tv, computer, phone, kindle...etc) that finally lit the fire under them. So if you're looking for a way to get your kids motivated...there ya go! You're welcome. ;) I'm definitely gonna keep up the "no fun if it ain't done" rule! You've been warned girlies! lol

I totally need to get them some bunk beds...that will definitely help with space issues. And once Sparkle is gone in a few weeks, then Shift will move into her then there will only be two of them in there. But for now, it's cramped! Which is all the more reason for them to keep it only takes a little bit to make it a mess. 

Then, I actually got to have a little time to go shopping by myself!!! I love that! lol...Sparkle and her friend were going to the mall then a sleepover. So I dropped them off, but figured, hey, while I'm here! Got David some t-shirts at JCPenney...they have a tiny but decent Big and Tall they were on sale! Plus I popped into H&M (fun store!) and Forever 21, while I don't really fit in the clothes, I love their accessories! Great, cheap jewelry and hair stuff...I enjoy checking it out. I even saw Sarah for a few minutes at her store...always nice to visit her if she's working!

I also checked out a new liquor store Sarah had told me about...oh my goodness! It was huge!!! I'll have to bring David to see it...he'll have to see their Scotch selection! (blech!!!) They had a decent bourbon section too...I'll have to try some new ones out. ;)

I forgot to take a pic until after you get the flash glare today!

 Now we're fixing to have family movie night...if we can all agree on one...wish us luck ;)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 29 - Happy Birthday David!!!

36! I don't have any deep thoughts this year...I barely have any brain cells I hope the day was plentiful and good...and the love felt! Buddy and I were able to eat lunch with Sonic! followed by some delicious peach milkshakes from Chick-fil-a! mmmm mmm!

Buddy's got gray too! 

Last night I almost forgot to start smoking the meat! That would have been bad! lol! Oh, oh, oh!!! So, this is hilarious! This morning, as FlufferNutter and I stepped outside to walk to the bus at 7:00, there's a firetruck parked in front of our house, with firemen disembarking. One of them asked if we were burning something...apparently one of our neighbors ratted us out and called the fire department on us! I said just the smoker! They double-checked to make sure and then all the times we've smoked stuff, I found that quite funny! But seriously, you report us??? I really wonder who it was! lol

I should have gotten a pic with the firemen...that would have been awesome!
 Don't know why they were worried about the was actually a lot more at points

Not only did David want BBQ, but he also wanted Pineapple Upside Down Cake...but with real pineapples, none of that "canned crap!" haha...he is such a diva! I found a good looking recipe to try...came out looking beautiful! I gotta tell you, this is one of the best cakes ever!!! it was so delicious and moist and WOW!!!

Averie Cooks - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This is the recipe I used, with a few tweaks. First of all, gotta cook it in a cast iron skillet! I got the idea from another recipe to cook the brown sugar and butter together until it carmelizes...then I used fresh pineapples instead of canned...and no cherries, no fans here. Instead, I used pecans! I wound up doubling the cake batter since my pan is pretty big, and 1 1/2ing the brown sugar/butter. Seriously though, it came out so perfect! Super moist and really tasty...sometimes the cake portion of pineapple upside down cake isn't that great...but this is awesome!

The food was delicious! I love pork shoulder...shhhh!!! don't tell, but I think I even like it more than brisket! But don't tell anyone, I'll lose my Texan card! ;) I bought Hawaiian bread burger buns...and made Apple Cider Vinegar BBQ sauce (perfect with pork!) pile on the meat, sauce, coleslaw on the bun...HEAVEN! Plus some fresh, roasted corn...such a good meal! Good choice babe!

If you've never eaten meat that looks like're missing out on more than you can imagine! 
coleslaw, pork shoulder, corn 
the reason for pigs! well, that and bacon and sausage...ok, it's all pretty good ;)
I managed to get some decorations up too...other than the pink from Sparkle's birthday ;)
It was so funny, the girls were trying to make it look nice but not they found my Texans napkins and used them...thought they were perfect! haha

After dinner the girls wrapped their presents. I didn't have one to wrap yet. I'm getting David a new paintball mask...but he's got to pick it out...wouldn't do to get the wrong one! lol...

Look, Daddy's wearing gray! 
I love how excited they get about giving presents! Makes me so proud! 
Sparkle trying to hide from the camera 
super cool! From Buddy and Sparkle 
Buddy's more excited than Daddy! lol 
Glitter can't wait!!!  
The girls waiting for Daddy to see what they got him!
Daddy LOVED it!!! 
haha, all by themselves, they picked out a really cool flask for Daddy...all their idea! I found it hilarious!
Happy Birthday to you... 
Happy Birthday to Daddy! but no cha cha chas this time...hmmm, wonder why?
Glitter was so pleased to get this shot! lol
kids stole the camera for a bit...pretty good pics
FlufferNutter in gray as well!
 Me and the birthday boy! Isn't this a great shot???

I love you babe! Hope that you had a wonderful day! I am so grateful to have you in my life and have treasured almost every minute ;) You may not be perfect, then again, neither am I...but we are perfect together! Every time I see that sign in our room, "We are so good together" it never rings false. Looking forward to many, many, MANY more years with you! xox

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 28 - Prep Day

As you might have picked up on, I am a massive Supernatural fan! Love the show, love the fandom, love the actors! Just recently the two leads, Jensen Ackles ( favorite!!! also known as Squirrel (inside joke)) and Jared Padalecki (Sam...AKA Moose), decided to get in on the charity campaign Stephen Amell from Arrow did with the F8ck Cancer fundraiser. They each had their own campaign on Represent (Jared's was Always Keep Fighting, to support To Write Love On Her Arms, Jensen's was #SPNFamily for charity)...but then they teamed up together to start a fund that they can use to support various charities going forward. I'm a sucker for celebrities who actually use their status for worthy causes...and to have two of my absolute favorites participating, well, I was in! My shirt finally came yesterday! So exciting!

Even though the campaigns are all over, I included links to all of them so you can see the charities they were supporting and their goal for the joint effort.

Jared &Jensen's Represent Campaign
Jared Padalecki "Always Keep Fighting"
Jensen Ackles "#SPNFamily"

There's totally gray on it! Plus, I had a gray skirt on...
Moose & Squirrel Say Always Keep Fighting!
Buddy wore his Super Awesome gray shirt today!

Can you believe it's already almost the end of May??? Crazy how it's just flying by! Today was super busy, as David's birthday is tomorrow and he only just figured out what he wanted...BBQ! I couldn't find a brisket in time, but I've got a couple of giant pork butts just waiting to be rubbed (lol...that sounds so naughty) and smoked! So I hit up the grocery store...needed regular groceries too...I always need groceries! With 7 people in the house I am no longer amazed at how quickly food disappears around here! It's like magic! Anyways, after Walmart and Sam's...and a quick stop home to put the perishables away, Buddy and I headed to the apple orchard for some wood for the smoker. My favorite orchard is's a great experience every time! But they also have racks of apple wood (from trimming their trees, etc) for $20!!! You just can't beat that price...I mean, people sell little tiny bundles of firewood for $5...for 20.00 you get a crapload of APPLE wood, which is just about the perfect wood for smoking just about anything! And even if they're closed for the season, they have a little mailbox and the honor system...just pay and load up!

After unloading all the wood it was time to pick up Glitter from school. Next on the agenda, losing our redneck status in the neighborhood. The grass was seriously so long! Thankfully the mower seems to have fixed itself, so I got the front done. I saved the back for Shift...she was so grateful :P

I told the girls that after dinner (and chores/homework) I'd take them shopping for a birthday present for Daddy. They decided on Cabelas...they actually found a really good present! But you'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what (on the off chance that David will actually read this :)

When we got home, David and I watched Super Troopers...oh my goodness...I haven't seen that movie since it came out. So hilarious...stupid funny, but good stupid, if that makes sense. Sometimes you need something brainless!

My favorite line!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 27 - Hump Day

Wednesdays after a holiday are always nice...they come so quickly! lol! We are all counting down the days to the end of school! Still 3 1/2 weeks left :( 

Keeping it casual! gray hat and gray shirt...this isn't actually an artsy shot...there was a ginormous crow cawing away on the power line! lol

Buddy was so cute...he fixed himself a snack, set up a chair...don't need no help! haha 

He didn't know I was watching him...but Freckles did!

Don't have much to say today...stayed home all day...laundry, dishes, etc...nothing exciting ;) Typical day in the life of a mom. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 26 - MOPS Graduation

Today was my last day as a MOPS mom. :( Certainly a bittersweet moment...MOPS, as I might have mentioned a time or two, has been such a huge, important part of my life for 9 years! ever since we moved to CT! It's gonna be very strange not going. My best friends were met at MOPS. I can't imagine trying to go through David's cancer journey without all the love, support, prayers, meals, etc that my MOPS mamas showered on me! This group has truly been a lifesaver to me, and I know to many others. If any of you still fall in the 0-5 child age group, I cannot recommend seeking out a MOPS group enough! You will not regret it!

Typically on the last meeting of the year, they celebrate the moms who are "graduating," in other words, whose kids are too old for them to qualify anymore. But instead of just kicking them out ;) they try to soften the blow by graduating! Today there were just three of us...Tiffany, our coordinator the past couple years, has been a MOPS mom for 10 years! She almost graduated 6 years ago, but got saved by a pregnancy test ;) hahaha! Then there's me, 9 years...Buddy saved me from graduating...and Carey, who's been going for 8 years. lol...are we old-timers or what???

Once again, a bunch of the moms in my group were awesome and dressed in gray to show their support! I so appreciate it!!! lol...and apparently it was maxi day! hahaha, a bunch of us were wearing maxi comfy and cute!

Thank you ladies!!!
This beautiful lady has been a mentor mom at my group since the beginning...she has been such an inspiration and fount of wisdom! Love you Laurie! 
Dacia, as always, rocks!
Carey and I...glasses soulmates :P hahaha

I didn't realize till I got home that I hadn't taken more individual pics :( It was my group's turn to bring food and clean I got busy and forgot! I wish I had!!! To everyone who I didn't get a selfie with, I'm sorry! :'(

When we got home, Buddy asked me to take a pic of him...gotta love his camera smile!

After dinner, David and I went and fixed the outside faucet that's been leaking for a while...even with the water cut off! I don't really know how that's still possible, but we were hoping that replacing the spigot would fix it...and it did! yay!

I even managed to gain a battle wound :P

My dogwood tree is finally starting to bloom! and my irises! I love when all the flowers blossom...especially when I don't have to actually do anything to make them come back...because I definitely don't have a good track record with plants!

not sure what this is, but it's pretty
Instead of washing me out, the flash actually makes me look like I have a