Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 10 - Happy Day!

Today's another double outfit and home. David had a bad night, was up all night unable to sleep with weird pain, so I didn't sleep that great either. We wound up skipping first church because I was so tired. Red Three brought me up a giant milkshake...Daddy was upset he didn't get one too! She told him "Wait till Father's Day!" hahahaha!!! Then Red One sent up some delicious coconut pancakes...they came out really good! mmmmmm!
Gray babies
My sweet boy!
I think it looks like fish scales, David thinks it looks like chain mail :) Whew, my hair was a mess in this pic! lol
love these shoes!!!
My sweet girl in gray!

After church I grapped a S'mores Frappuccino from Starbucks (so yummy!) then headed home to relax. Red Two made some thumbprint cookies and Red One had all these plans of making stuff, chocolate cake, etc. So after some cookies the rest of us headed to the little park across the street to ride bikes and play. I think I forgot to mention, but I got myself a bike a few weeks ago! I've been dying for one of those adorable cruiser styles in the cute colors...I really wanted an aqua one, but I'm happy with the pistachio one I got. So Walmart had them on sale for like $88.00, plus I've been using their Savings Catcher app...which is amazing! I basically do all my grocery shopping there now that our Walmart is a Super-Walmart...anyways, they have an app that after you make a purchase, you scan the receipt and they will automatically check all the local ads, and if they find a lower price, they will give you the difference back. You can cash it back for an e-gift card anytime...I had about $60.00 saved I wound up paying less than $30 for the bike! I was so thrilled, because I wouldn't normally spend that much on something for myself. Now I just need to get one of those cute wicker baskets for the front!

Isn't it awesome?!?!?!?
They like going to the top of this little incline and racing down!

It was pretty hot today though, mid-80s, so we didn't wind up staying out too long. Plus a couple of injuries brought an end to the happy 3's bike fell on her and she cut the back of her ankle, and Buddy fell off his bike and scraped his knee :( No biggie, though, they are all fine ;)

When we got back, all the kids and I called Mumsie to say Happy Mother's Day to her. She sent me a picture of her with the flowers I sent her, and she's wearing gray, so up she goes on my blog! It's crazy, they live out in Denver...they got 13" of snow today!!! But while we were having our horrible winter, they kept having all these hot days...that's Colorado for you!

Thanks for the support Mom!

After that we did a video chat with Dad and's his birthday today!!! While it's totally weird not celebrating together, it was great to see them, at least virtually! The kids were crazy as it was happy chaos! Happy Birthday Dad! Wish your present had gotten there before, but hopefully it'll get there tomorrow! Miss y'all!

He's even got gray on! From his birthday dinner last night

Spent most of the rest of the day browsing Pinterest, hanging with kids, and finally watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World with the family. That movie is so crazy and hilarious...I love it! Red One had a little mishap with the cakes sticking in the pan, but she overcame and made little individual trifles for everyone. Great save baby! They were delicious!

Awesome movie! and hysterical!
If that isn't a perfect picture of their relationship, I don't know what is! Bwahahahaha!!!!
Daddy's got gray on too! Red 3 snagged the camera and took a bunch of pics ;)
Red 2 practicing
Doing weird things to Freckles...
The gang's all here! waiting for the show to start!
Finally got a pic with all my babies, oh about, 10pm...they're all a little beat!
My hearts!

And lastly, cuz y'all know I'm all about keeping it real, here's what my kitchen looks like after they pampered me all day. 

Yup. Yuppers. Yep.

Guess who's gonna have to deal with that???? lol...oh well, they were so happy to be doing stuff for me. They made me the sweetest cards, Red 2's just about made me cry! This is a direct quote "Thanks for all the big things you do! But also thanks for the billion little things you do. Bet you didn't know I was counting!" I mean seriously, could she be any sweeter? Not to mention I was a total grump to her last night...bad Mommy! She was having growing pains/pulled muscle pains in her legs, crying...and I was short with her. (Don't worry, I went up and rubbed her legs for a long time afterwards, but still!) They brought me art projects from school. Buddy even made me totally plain toast yesterday morning as a practice run, and some sort of marshmallow, chocolate chip milk drink today...all by himself! They are the most precious things God has given me, and I treasure them so much. They make my heart happy, and even when some days the chaos and frustration and stress and just never-ending overwhelming-ness of life clouds over, they remind me of what's really hope, and love, and I thank God for them everyday!