Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 9 - Saturdays in the Sun

David plays paintball and I mow the lawn??? That ain't right! lol...Naw, just kidding, I don't mind mowing, and wasn't in the mood for paintball (I was invited ;) good exercise, and I only did the front. Totally saved the back for Red 1 when she got back from her sleepover. I even edged part of the front sidewalk, which was a total bear. The blade needed replaced, and the grass likes to not just spread roots, but lots of dirt over, so it took forever just to do like 20 yards!

Serious business
Somehow, even with a mask on, he managed to get cut on the nose! Crazy!!!

David took Red 2 with him this time...she did awesome apparently. She managed to shoot out 4 dudes! and David didn't get anyone this time...not like him! lol! Sparkle and Red 3 did a good job with their chores today...which was awesome! So then 3 and Buddy and I tossed the football around outside for a bit. Red 3 has got a great spiral, which is hilarious, because her little hands barely can hold the ball! She might take after me...I've always had a great arm (for a girl ;)

And look, she's got gray on too!
Buddy was pouting that we didn't throw the ball to him when it was his turn, so he thought it was a good idea to go lay under Daddy's boy!

After they finally got home from paintball, most importantly, brought the car home, I took Sparkle for a haircut...she's been dying to get her dead ends trimmed! She was so happy afterwards! Speaking of hair, I refreshed my color too. Went with a darker blue with more purple goal is to get it to purple soon, but needed to cycle through blue...couldn't go straight from green, that would have been ugly!