Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 14 - Seasonal Sniffles

So Shift and Glitter have been battling allergy season for the last week or so. Glitter has been especially miserable she was complaining of sore throat, and under her eyes was so dark. You can always tell when she doesn't feel good! I decided to bring her to the doctor to check her out, make sure it hadn't turned into something else. Thankfully it was still just allergies, but the doc prescribed some nasal spray to help tame the congestion, which hopefully will then clear up the coughing, sore throat, etc. So no getting out of school for her! lol...poor baby! The little sweetie was wearing gray today, and bad ole mommy forgot to get a pic! boooo!

I was so tired I overslept this morning...well, I "woke" up the kids then went back to bed to snooze, except I apparently turned off my alarm instead. But of course, the girls didn't get up either. If I don't yell at them like every 10 min, they will not ever get up on their own...grrrrr!!!!!!!!! So FlufferNutter missed her bus, which meant I had to drop them all off...always aggravating. Anyways, I was so tired this morning...but I still managed to be fairly productive...yay me! I mowed the front lawn...again...for the 3rd time in less than two weeks! I think the fertilizer is working a little too well! Got a load of dishes, laundry, showered (yes, that's an accomplishment some days ;), and even baked a cake! David was talking about his longing for a good pound cake or rum cake. I'm currently out of rum (except Malibu, which isn't quite the right kind)...but I found a recipe for a Kentucky Butter Cake. Oh. My. Word. So delicious and so buttery!!!! Right when it comes out of the over, you pour a hot butter sauce over it to soak in...and then when you get it out of the pan, pour more on that side and let it set. Keeper! David was so happy that I made it for him. 

Here's a link! Make it!
Kentucky Butter Cake

Shift called me at the end to school to let me know she had to stay afterward for the Healthy Cooking Competition...she had forgotten it was today. Then when it was over, she called me so excited, she and her partner won first place!!! They hadn't even really had a chance to practice, so she wasn't expecting to do well at all...way to go baby!!! They all got cute aprons and new cookbooks. She was on cloud nine, she loves to cook!

Kim was wearing gray today, so I made her take a pic with me! But of course, my camera decided not to cooperate, so it's a cell phone selfie :/ Ever since I knocked my camera on the floor, sometimes it just doesn't like me :( It usually focuses fine, but sometimes you can hear it just whirring away, but never quite getting there. Need to get a new lens at some point. Anywho, here we are! 

It was so soon as FlufferNutter heard us get back home from walking to pick the kids up from school, she came outside and wanted Kim's eldest to come listen to her play Smells Like Teen Spirit on her guitar. She was a little in awe when she found out how many instruments HPFan (hmmm, I can't think of a cool code name off the top of my head...I'll have to ask what she, for now, I'll go with Harry Potter is learning...cello, guitar, recorder, and piano! My girls want to have a band together, so now she wants HPFan in it too! hahaha...Look out Kim, gonna have some rock stars in the house!

I just love how our kids get along! Pretty much every day when we're walking home, Buddy and her boy, Cap, are playing some sort of game like Minecraft or Star Wars...even though Cap is 3 years older I think. And Glitter and little Fashionista are good friends too...they are all just too cute!

OK, want to hear a story at how silly my boy is? He put a banana on his butt, and said "Look Mommy, I'm sitting on the moon!" Bwahahaha, where does he come up with these things???

What a goober!

And we get one more guest today!!! Carey wore gray again! (and that awesome scarf!) Thanks Care!