Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 13 - Delicious Dinner!!!!

OK, so I'm thinking of switching the kids' code names to their Camp Kesem camp names. Red 1,2,3 are getting a little tedious and boring. So henceforth, Red One is Shift; Red Two is FlufferNutter; and Red Three is Glitter. Of course, they already changed them since last year. FlufferNutter was actually Ember (which is an awesome name) and Glitter was Stella...but! Today the kiddos had a half day at school...seems like they get a lot of those! But no one seems to mind ;) However, that does mean I need to get any errands done earlier than I usually optimal productivity window seems to generally be early to late afternoon. I mean, you should see how much cleaning I can get done from 1-3 in the afternoon! hahaha! Not as much of a night owl as I used to be, but definitely not a morning person at all! Anyways, I made my general menu for the week (some weeks I plan better than others!) and headed to Walmart with Buddy. No, no cool camp name for him yet...haha! The car has been giving me a low tire pressure alert, so I finally checked that out when we got home. The back right tire was pretty far under...hahaha, I've actually been putting off checking it, since I didn't want to have to stop at the gas station...then it dawned on me. Duh!!! David has an air compressor, I can just air it up at home! SMH! So I got it done. Yay me!

After the kids got home, well, the younger ones...Shift and Sparkle were hanging with their friends...the rest of us headed to the backyard to do some gardening. I saw a cool idea on Pinterest to plant a sunflower shady we're going to plant seeds around the edge of the dirt pit. Hopefully it turns out good...I seem to kill way more plants than I grow :/ We never did actually get the seeds in we did a lot of digging and weeding to Then it was time to grill!!!! I love pretty much all grilled foods! I was actually making the dinner I never got around to having on Mother's Day. The menu I had picked out sounded so good, so I made sure to pick up the ingredients when I was shopping earlier. 

Strip Steak with Hot Sauce Butter - I didn't make the salad this time, but I want to, looks good. And I even snagged the steak on sale!
Honey-Grilled Watermelon - I didn't actually do the salad, just the grilled watermelon part. 
(These are not my pics, obviously...I linked to the sites I got the recipes disrespect meant, I loved these and wanted to show how delicious they were!)

(and burgers for the kids...hahaha, no steak for them!) We even ate outside! It was much cooler today, only in the 60s, so it was almost chilly...but perfect for our first outside meal. I even guilted David into eating with us outside...he usually hates that! lol

Since it was cooler, I was able to break out my cute gray sweater 
 and these adorable leggings
and don't get me started on these shoes! I snagged them at Savers! Super Studs!
Then the kids ran off with my camera...and took bunches of pics while I was cooking
really??? lol
oh look, Sparkle has gray on too! and a silly face ;)

They are too funny! I am so stinking stuffed...but so worth it! The steak was delicious, I loved the hot sauce butter with it! The salad was amazing...Mexican corn is always great. And that honey grilled watermelon was fantastic! Weirdly good was how I described it...because the texture was almost slimy right at the grill marks, but totally crispy and crunchy. Hot, but still incredibly juicy, and carmelized honey all over...mmmm, mmmm! I really don't know how to describe it exactly...but even David thought it was weirdly good...and he's not a fan of watermelon at all.