Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 4 - May the 4th be with you!

Yes, it is once again Star Wars Day!!! Huzzah!

OK, onto slightly more normal business! :) My poison ivy rash was getting way gross!!! and terribly itch/hurty when itched....ugh! That plant is seriously the devil! Not only is it super poisonous alive, but even being dead is no defense, it will still get you...and if you don't dig out every last root, it'll grow back...and don't even think about trying to burn it! The fumes are toxic and will cause your throat and lungs to have an allergic reaction! We actually have some poison ivy in the very back of our yard, and I've been putting off tackling it. Now I don't know if I'll ever get rid of it, much less come near it!  It hasn't hurt anyone why bother it?!?!?!? lol

Ewwwww! Be thankful you can't really see it in this
Doctor office selfies! 
This is the family friendly version of my F*ck Cancer shirt I got last year :) I'm sometimes classy ;)

So the doctor gave me a steroid prescription, and then drew a circle around my biggest rash with a pen. He said if it got any bigger than that, even as soon as tomorrow, then to come back, it could be a skin infection at that point and need to be treated with antibiotics. I honestly think since taking some steroids earlier, that it did actually shrink a little bit, so hopefully that'll continue!

Not sure if you remember from my post about the shirt a few months ago...but Stephen Amell is an actor on Arrow (awesome, fun show!). Anyway, last year he ran a campaign to raise money for cancer research with F*ck Cancer (yes, that is actually the organization's name)...and the fans voted on the t-shirt design and this is the one that won. It was a huge success, raised over a million dollars, and they brought it back with a family friendly version, which I also snagged in a tank top. I love the shirt, and it didn't hurt that it was gray! I literally wear the t-shirt one pretty much every day to lounge around the house. Sometimes I forget it has wordy-dirds on!

Here he is in costume sporting the shirt! 

It was so beautiful today, almost 80! and the trees are blooming, I love it! Broke out my shorts and everything! Buddy was so excited when I got the box of his shorts down from his closet! lol