Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 31 - May was all Gray!

Wow, hard to believe another Go Gray in May is over! But just because it's the end of May, doesn't mean it's the end of raising awareness. I'll continue to blog throughout the year, especially updates on David's doctor appointments and scans, as well any gray outfits :)

I gotta admit, I'm ready for some color though ;) But I managed to get through the whole month without any repeats! lol...David couldn't believe I had that much gray...said I might have issues...issues shopping! haha

Nothing too exciting and home...laundry, dishes, movies...the usual. ;) But sometimes those are the best plans, nowhere to be, just hanging out with the family. 

We did it!
My little redneck boy
Buddy took this pic of plus, she's in gray!

As always, I love having if you're wearing gray and want to send me a pic, I'd love to post it anytime! Thank you for checking out my gray again this year! I so appreciate all the kind comments and support! And stay tuned...I'll still be posting!