Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 17 - Selfie Sunday :)

Another two for one day! ;) Got my church outfit...

It was my turn to help in the nursery at second church this definitely no dressy clothes! Always hope you don't get spit up on :P but just in case!

Found this super cute hoodie vest thingie at Goodwill...had to grab it! 
Love my Union Jack shirt too...I actually have a couple of them...only flag that's probably cooler than to mention I'm a huge fan of the BBC!

Buddy was in dire need of a haircut, so I finally did that today. I messed up the back a bit, so it's just half a mohawk. I think he's getting a little too old for the mohawk look, but Daddy likes it. They both want me to color it green! lol...I just might ;)

We introduced the kids to The Matrix, I loved that movie! I actually got my hair cut to look like Trinity when it came out! Even though some parts are pretty dated, it still holds up pretty well. Of course, the other movies deteriorated in quality, the last one was just straight up terrible...the second one wasn't too bad...but that first one was just amazing! And Keanu...was he ever hot then! lol...he's not too bad in John Wick though (which is a great action flick!)...I always liked him...not the greatest actor, but he has his moments!

so badass
and so is she!

 The kids really enjoyed it...they thought it was really cool.

Look at my little Glitter in gray! xoxo 
silly boy just can't smile right anymore! lol
trying. so. hard.
giving out...
it's too exhausting Mommy!