Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 12 - MOPS Mamas Rock!

Today was my next to last MOPS meeting ever! I'll be "graduating" as they call it next meeting. Since Buddy is going to Kindergarten next year, I'll be moving on. Although I could technically continue for a final year, it's time to move on. I've been attending this MOPS group for 8 years, if you can believe it, ever since we moved here from Colorado. We knew absolutely no one when we came out here, so I knew I needed to make a connection somehow! I had heard about MOPS from my mom's group at our old church, and knew it was an international organization, so as soon as we got here I looked it up online and called to find out when they met. Red 3 was born a couple months after we got here, and as soon as that first meeting in September came up, I was there! I was welcomed so warmly, and honestly, I can't imagine how different my life would be without the friendships I made there. Kim and Sarah were both in MOPS at the time, plus so many other wonderful friends who have supported me through pregnancies, job loss, moving, and David's cancer diagnosis. I thank God for them pretty much daily! 

Today Carey and Tiffany were wearing gray...so I totally made them take a pic with me! Carey even wore an awesome skull scarf, which is just hilarious!!! Goes with the whole brain theme! hahahaha!!! She's been doing so well with all her treatment. She had her surgery, chemo, radiation...and now is on Tamoxifen for a while. She handled all the treatment amazingly well (yes, it still sucked!) and is rocking the new chemo curls! lol...her hair grew back super curly, it's great! She's been declared NED (no evidence of disease) by her doctors, which is just fantastic news! Praise God!

love these ladies!

Tiffany and her hubby Randy have been so fantastic through out as well...Randy shaved his head in honor of several of his friends' battles...he called it his cancer cut ;) We truly appreciate all the support from everyone!

After MOPS, Buddy and I headed to the library. Somehow I had a $26 fine, which is why I've banned the kids from ever checking out books...they always lose them!!! GRRRRR!!!! I think one time I had like a $100 fine...it was awful! lol...I came out with 2 giant bags of books...so excited! I needed some new reads! :)

After school the older two had their music lessons. Can't remember if I mentioned that. Red 1 is taking voice and Red 2 guitar. 2 is actually starting to learn Smells Like Teen Spirit now, which is awesome! David is tickled pink! Nirvana is just like, the best band ever! hahaha!!!

P.S. Remember, if you wear gray, send me a pic for me to post!!!