Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 6 - Kindergarten Orientation???

Today I brought my baby to his Kindergarten orientation. Say  it isn't so!!!! I can't believe my Buddy is gonna be leaving me and going to school in the fall. Waaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s so funny, because I had no problem with any of the girls going to school. Like, it was time...probably helped that I still had other little ones at home...but now my youngest is leaving me! 

Buddy and Red Three going gray in May for Daddy!
Silly time! 

Buddy had a good time...although he was disappointed they didn't get to go play on the playground. :) He was super excited when he got a goody bag, or as he called it "boogy bag", with books, crayons and SCISSORS! He couldn't stop talking about his scissors all day! hahaha

"Boogy Bag!" He was trying so hard not to smile for the pic, but I caught him! Love it!

On a side note, don't y'all just love our sign??? David had Red One make worked for oh, like a day or two...and then crap everywhere again! But the sign remains. ;)

We even got some shopping in today. Savers (probably my favorite store :) was having a sale, then we went to Panera for lunch and some shopping at the mall for birthday presents for Sparkle. Any suggestions for a good present for a soon to be 14 year old girl??? So

Outfit numero 6, although it's probably more like 8 or 9, what can I say...I like clothes ;)
Everyday is laundry day! Buddy was playing with my camera again.

See you manana.