Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 5 - Cinco de Mayo

Any excuse to eat some Mexican food! ;) I made some chile verde pork soft tacos...I had this awesome recipe where you roast tomatillos, onions and garlic, then puree it with cilantro and green chiles. It sounded so amazing...so I go to the store and cannot find tomatillos anywhere! I actually went to a couple different stores...boooooo!!!! But I wound up totally cheating and just using a couple different green sauces, since I already had the pork chops. It turned out fine, but I'm sure the real thing would have been so much better! Oh well...

OK, today's outfit...I love this shirt! cute birdies! I've been super into the birdy motif lately.

Yikes, the flash made me look like a ghost! lol...although it did erase my poison ivy rash...

Today Buddy and I went to the Science Center with our friends...we had a great time! Didn't hurt that Dacia had passes that allowed her to bring guests! lol...oh, and I found the cutest galaxy scarf that I just had to scoop up! I mean, it was a galaxy print!!! haha...would have been more appropriate for yesterday's holiday! Oh, they had 50% May the Fourth shirts, and they were still like $15...that's a gift shop for you! I normally don't get stuff at those places, even if they are so much fun to browse, way too pricey...but I just couldn't resist that scarf! It was so funny, all the schoolboys in the store just loved the shelf with all the edible bugs! They had cheddar cheese or mexican spice larvae, scorpion lollipops, chocolate covered insects, salt and vinegar crickets....ewwwww!!!! lol

Hurricane tunnel...so much glee!

Thanks for taking us Dacia! It was a blast ;)

When we got home and I was taking my daily pic, or if I'm honest, like 20 just to get a couple decent ones...bwahahahaha!!! Buddy asked to borrow the camera. He actually got a good shot of Freckles. She only looks sweet and innocent! lol...that stupid dog shredded like 5 or 6 coats this past winter, including my favorite vintage teal wool coat my mom gave me...it was so unique and beautiful. I was SO pissed!!! Apparently she's moved on from chewing up shoes. ugh! She's lucky she's still around...lol! She was literally clawing them off the hangers to get to them!