Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 7 - Bestie Birthday!

Here's my look for the day...I took pics with my nice camera, but for some reason the SD card reader isn't working, which meant I couldn't upload them, so y'all will have to settle for camera selfies ;)

So far so good, but we're only a week in...gonna have to see if I can keep up my no-repeats policy ;)
and apparently tree portraits come gratis

Today I was running all over the place, and was still home before I had to go back to the doctor, since the steroids weren't poison ivy was spreading (which isn't supposed to happen!) He put me on a different steroid with a higher dose, so I'm hoping and praying it does the job! This morning the patch on the inside of my elbow was hurting so felt like the skin was about to crack open! I'm so over it!!!

Buddy was so cute too...he was answering all the doctor's questions. It's so fun to hear him carry on conversations with other people! After that we headed to the post office to send Papa his birthday cards. Then on to Christmas Tree Shop to see if they had any goodies. I'd told Buddy that I'd get him a shovel for the dirt pit in the backyard...he was so excited about that. When we did finally get home he headed out back to dig...he came running in "it digs up so big!" I scored a super cute doormat for the outside door, so I was happy too. After that we went to Sam's to stock up on veggies for the kids to snack on. It's like feeding an army sometimes! A quick stop at the liquor store to grab some wine (for cooking...not a wine drinker at all, but I love it in my food!), and a present for my bestie. Yup, that is the kind of friend I am...maple moonshine is the bomb! On to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription and then make a quick stop at a different grocery store to grab cabbage...apparently Sam's isn't a fan. 

Yes, today is Kim's birthday! For a few brief months, we'll be the same age...then I'll be older than her again ;) hahaha...and yes, we will be having our annual birthday celebration for Kim and Sarah at some point this month (Sarah's b-day is at the end of the month). Really, this is like the birthday month! Kim, Papa, Sparkle, David, and Sarah! Apparently August was a really popular!

OK, back to my Kimmy! I know I rave about them all the time, but Kim and Sarah have literally been godsends...I know that we were brought together and that without them, I don't what I would have done these past few years! We are all so different, yet we complement each other pretty perfectly. Sarah and I have even managed to get Kim shopping a few times ;) but I'm still waiting for her green thumb to rub off on me! I appreciate the perspective they give me. It's so funny, Kim is such an introvert, and kinda shy, yet she has no trouble talking to people she doesn't know, like, you'd never know! And I'm the total opposite, I love people, I'm an extrovert, but I stink at small talk, and have the hardest time talking to's so aggravating and awkward, I wish I could, because it's so annoying!, when I was in college, everyone thought I was so stuck up, because apparently I have what's known as resting bitch face, at least when I'm nervous...hahahaha!!! :/ 

Kim also totally empathizes with all of David's tendencies, like his hermit-ness, his lack of enjoyment of crowds of people, his hate of leaving the house even for fun stuff. I'm all aggravated and she's all, "I totally understand!" lol...thanks for helping me empathize! She is the sweetest friend, will help in a heartbeat, gets pissed at me if I go to the store for a cup of sugar instead of her (did I mention they live a couple houses down now?) How lucky am I? Now that the weather is finally nice, we walk to school pretty much everyday, so we can chat about our days and dilemmas...commiserate on our parenting woes! Yesterday, Buddy offered her a dollar if she would make sure not to walk ahead, but wait for loves his Aunty Kim! Our kids get along great, the girls are planning a sleepover soon. I am always eager to spend time together, and I know that no matter what, our friendship will be a part of my life forever. Love you Kimmy!!!

This is probably my favorite picture of our trio!  
This one is an oldie but goodie, back from my 30th birthday party, before cancer was even a blip on our minds...well, that was a terrible way to put I'm sure it was more than a blip then, but we were unaware of, I threw myself a big party and Kim even wore a dress for me! That's the sign of a true friend! :)