Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 3 - Assemble to Fight Cancer!

Today is another bonus outfit day since it's Sunday, so y'all get my church outfit then my casual clothes. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, it was doughnut day at church, so Buddy was pretty excited about that. Well, if I'm honest, the girls were pretty excited!

I love this dress! It's a maxi so it's super cute and super comfy!

After second church, David and I were planning on seeing the new Avengers movie...I've been counting down! I got the coolest shirt to wear to the movies! Another brain cancer fundraising organization, Dragon Master Foundation, had a fundraiser with an advance screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron. They were selling these awesome shirts, so I snagged one online and it came in time for the movie! It ain't gray, but I wore gray capris, so I totally still qualify! lol

If you'd like to check out their website, here's a link
Dragon Master Foundation

Car selfie
Start already!!!

We even splurged and went to the 3D Imax would have been totally fine in regular D, ;) but it was pretty cool to have assigned seating. So I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I thought it was great! David thought it wasn't nearly as good as the first Avengers film, and while I have to agree, I don't think it's quite as good (especially since Loki got cut! seriously??? lol), but I didn't knock it as much as David did. And he even said, for a regular movie it was really good, but compared to the first Avengers, and even some of the other Marvel movies, it didn't stack up as well. Really, the only thing I disliked, and actually really seriously disliked, was when The Vision said "I am, I am." Pretty blatant blasphemy there, especially coming from Joss Whedon, who while I love the majority of his work, is an avowed atheist. Tiny SPOILERS ahead! I didn't love the sudden focus on the Black Widow and Hulk "romance"...gotta admit, I was kinda shipping Hawkeye/Black Widow, and Hulk/Black Widow seemed to come out of left field a bit. Not to mention, what the heck??? SPOILERS! All of a sudden, Hawkeye is married with kids??? While it was fine, you can tell it was only added in this movie, because previously Hawkeye and Black Widow were totally being implied in the earlier movies...heck, she even wears an arrow necklace all throughout Captain America: Winter Soldier. OK, rant over...hahahaha!

I have to say, James Spader as Ultron was as awesome as I thought he would be! His voice is the perfect balance of raspy, sinister, menacing, hypnotic perfection. And btw, if you're not watching him as Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist, you are seriously missing out! That is a fantastic show!

I also enjoyed the additions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch...or as Maria Hill describes them "He's fast and she's weird." lol...I'm actually really want to get the director's cut when it comes out, as I know that his original cut was over 3 hours and they shaved it down to about 2 1/2...hopefully Loki's cameo would be in well as a couple things that would help with continuity, etc.

The trees are blooming! So beautiful! It's finally spring :)

When we got home the kids had set up a special dinner...they are just the sweetest! While waiting on them to finish it up, Buddy and I hung out on the hammock for a bit...he wasn't still enough for pics though...haha

awww, they are too cute! Fancy table!

Back to the grind tomorrow...they are all moaning and groaning! muahahahaha!