Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 1: Take Two - Bonus Round

I promised y'all a second outfit today ;) but first, I had to bring my big girl to her dance at school. She got all dolled pretty girl! Sparkle helped with her hair...she looks so grown up!

I promise, I still am actually taller than about 3 can't wait till she's taller!

So I mentioned that I was going to a fundraiser for my MOPS group tonight. Today was the 5th anniversary of Hot Music on a Cool Night, our group's annual Broadway Revue to raise money for our chapter. A couple of former MOPS moms organize and participate in the event, which is a fantastic show! I always have a great time every year, and am amazed at the talent of the performers! This year was no exception! All the numbers were well executed and super entertaining. I am so thankful for all the singers and crew who donate so graciously of their time and effort! The place was packed, so hopefully it was a successful event!

This year Sarah and I went together. She said to me earlier, "You're not gonna wear a dress, are you?" She knows me too well. So I said no. But then proceeded to find the sparkliest blouse and pants I'll show her! hahahaha!!! We had a great time! Then afterwards we were able to meet up with Kim for drinks and chats. I treasure our time of talking and just being with each other. I always look forward to it, can't wait! and don't know what I'd do without it!!! Love my girls!

See, sparkly!