Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 28 - Prep Day

As you might have picked up on, I am a massive Supernatural fan! Love the show, love the fandom, love the actors! Just recently the two leads, Jensen Ackles ( favorite!!! also known as Squirrel (inside joke)) and Jared Padalecki (Sam...AKA Moose), decided to get in on the charity campaign Stephen Amell from Arrow did with the F8ck Cancer fundraiser. They each had their own campaign on Represent (Jared's was Always Keep Fighting, to support To Write Love On Her Arms, Jensen's was #SPNFamily for charity)...but then they teamed up together to start a fund that they can use to support various charities going forward. I'm a sucker for celebrities who actually use their status for worthy causes...and to have two of my absolute favorites participating, well, I was in! My shirt finally came yesterday! So exciting!

Even though the campaigns are all over, I included links to all of them so you can see the charities they were supporting and their goal for the joint effort.

Jared &Jensen's Represent Campaign
Jared Padalecki "Always Keep Fighting"
Jensen Ackles "#SPNFamily"

There's totally gray on it! Plus, I had a gray skirt on...
Moose & Squirrel Say Always Keep Fighting!
Buddy wore his Super Awesome gray shirt today!

Can you believe it's already almost the end of May??? Crazy how it's just flying by! Today was super busy, as David's birthday is tomorrow and he only just figured out what he wanted...BBQ! I couldn't find a brisket in time, but I've got a couple of giant pork butts just waiting to be rubbed (lol...that sounds so naughty) and smoked! So I hit up the grocery store...needed regular groceries too...I always need groceries! With 7 people in the house I am no longer amazed at how quickly food disappears around here! It's like magic! Anyways, after Walmart and Sam's...and a quick stop home to put the perishables away, Buddy and I headed to the apple orchard for some wood for the smoker. My favorite orchard is's a great experience every time! But they also have racks of apple wood (from trimming their trees, etc) for $20!!! You just can't beat that price...I mean, people sell little tiny bundles of firewood for $5...for 20.00 you get a crapload of APPLE wood, which is just about the perfect wood for smoking just about anything! And even if they're closed for the season, they have a little mailbox and the honor system...just pay and load up!

After unloading all the wood it was time to pick up Glitter from school. Next on the agenda, losing our redneck status in the neighborhood. The grass was seriously so long! Thankfully the mower seems to have fixed itself, so I got the front done. I saved the back for Shift...she was so grateful :P

I told the girls that after dinner (and chores/homework) I'd take them shopping for a birthday present for Daddy. They decided on Cabelas...they actually found a really good present! But you'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what (on the off chance that David will actually read this :)

When we got home, David and I watched Super Troopers...oh my goodness...I haven't seen that movie since it came out. So hilarious...stupid funny, but good stupid, if that makes sense. Sometimes you need something brainless!

My favorite line!