Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 30 - Slumbering and Shopping on a Saturday!

I was so beyond thankful that the kids let me sleep in this morning! Not only was I running low on sleep, but Saturday is the only day that I have a chance to sleep in. It was awesome! lol

The girls finally got their room clean wouldn't believe how bad it was! I should have taken pics! I mean, it's not totally their fault (mostly, but not all)...there are three of them stuffed in a room...once you put three beds and three dressers in, there's not much room for anything else. But their crap was literally, I kid you not, knee deep! It's only taken them like 2 months to get it done. It was the no electronics (tv, computer, phone, kindle...etc) that finally lit the fire under them. So if you're looking for a way to get your kids motivated...there ya go! You're welcome. ;) I'm definitely gonna keep up the "no fun if it ain't done" rule! You've been warned girlies! lol

I totally need to get them some bunk beds...that will definitely help with space issues. And once Sparkle is gone in a few weeks, then Shift will move into her then there will only be two of them in there. But for now, it's cramped! Which is all the more reason for them to keep it only takes a little bit to make it a mess. 

Then, I actually got to have a little time to go shopping by myself!!! I love that! lol...Sparkle and her friend were going to the mall then a sleepover. So I dropped them off, but figured, hey, while I'm here! Got David some t-shirts at JCPenney...they have a tiny but decent Big and Tall they were on sale! Plus I popped into H&M (fun store!) and Forever 21, while I don't really fit in the clothes, I love their accessories! Great, cheap jewelry and hair stuff...I enjoy checking it out. I even saw Sarah for a few minutes at her store...always nice to visit her if she's working!

I also checked out a new liquor store Sarah had told me about...oh my goodness! It was huge!!! I'll have to bring David to see it...he'll have to see their Scotch selection! (blech!!!) They had a decent bourbon section too...I'll have to try some new ones out. ;)

I forgot to take a pic until after you get the flash glare today!

 Now we're fixing to have family movie night...if we can all agree on one...wish us luck ;)