Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 21 - Happy Birthday Sparkle!

Today is Sparkle's 14th birthday! I know she'd be happier if her dad was home to celebrate, but only a few more weeks! I wanted to make sure she still had a great day though. Her favorite food is ribs, so they've been on the smoker all day. Along with some potato salad, jalapeno cornbread and grilled corn...gonna be a good meal! And then brownies for dessert...she's not much of a cake fan. As you might imagine, I was pretty busy today getting everything prepped for tonight! I love birthdays though...even with all the work, they are my favorites! I love buying presents, making the meal, the cake, etc...parties are the best!

Party hat! 
My gray shrug was super cute, but it kept snagging on my bracelet...I have so many pulled threads on it now! :/

It's pretty late, so I'm gonna go through the pics and post all the party stuff tomorrow...but it was a great day! She had fun, and so did everyone else!

Me and the birthday girl!