Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 31! Finis

Wow, another thirty-one days of gray down!

I made it without any repeats again! haha...that might be a sign that I have too many clothes ;) Nawwwww, no such thing!

We had a nice relaxing Saturday. Red One was still at her sleepover all morning. I even got to sleep in a bit! When I made it downstairs to make pancakes, I found out Red Two had actually stayed up all night! Don't really know how late Red Three made it. R1 was mad, because she only stayed up till 1:30 at her official sleepover...hahaha...what was so hilarious though, was that when pancakes were ready, we couldn't find R2. Finally discovered her asleep in the bathroom! Bwhahahaha!!! We totally have blackmail pics, but she'd be mad if I actually posted them. ;) See, Mommy does love you!

David and R1 went paintballing. Unfortunately he's having gun troubles :/ ugh...that means more parts buying...booooo! I got the rest of the lawn mowed while they were gone though, so not a total wash.

Today was Sarah's birthday! I needed to drop off her present. I found this awesome Doctor Who version of Yahtzee (which is one of her favorite games). She's a bit of a fan like me, so I knew she'd love it. Isn't it cool?!?!?!? And then next weekend we're gonna have a joint celebration cookout for her and David's birthdays. That'll be tons of fun! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!

While I was at the store, David wanted me to find a game like the one the characters were playing in Chuck. It's our new show to watch's cute and actiony...basically he's an everyday computer nerd (Zachary Levi) who gets government secrets downloaded in his head, and he's guarded by an NSA agent (Adam Baldwin) and a CIA agent (Yvonne Strahovski). We've been enjoying it. Anyways, in one scene several characters are playing this board game that kinda seems like a version of the Newlywed Game. David thought it looked like a really fun game to play, so he wanted me to look for something similar. I found Say Anything, which seemed to have a pretty close concept, so we'll try that out sometime, see if it's any good.

Thank you to everyone who read, commented, supported, and especially wore gray in the month of May. I really appreciate it! Please continue to raise brain cancer awareness, and most importantly, pray for all those affected by it in anyway. But don't worry, this won't be the last of me! I'll keep posting updates, flashbacks and outfits!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 30 - Almost done!

Wow, this month has been a very full one! But we almost made it to the end!

Today's outfit:

So last night we had David's birthday dinner. The rack of lamb came out so good! I still can't get over how easy it was to make! The asparagus was tasty, but a bit gritty! I've never seen such dirty asparagus, and apparently I didn't clean them well enough...grrrrr! I must have put a whole head of roasted garlic in the good!

Of course we had to let our food settle for a bit ;) but then it was time for cake and ice cream. The cake came out really well...nice and moist! And that frosting...mmmmm!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

He didn't have any presents to paintball upgrade didn't show up in time. Dad got him a case of paintballs, which I'm sure he'll use tomorrow ;) 

Today Sarah and I (and Buddy) went to a matinee showing of Maleficent. It was really fun, except for the two times (in a row! like, totally not enough time in between!) that Buddy had to go potty. The costuming and makeup was just beautiful. Loved her dresses! I've always liked Angelina Jolie, she's a great actress and really made Maleficent relatable. The entire movie wasn't like the best thing ever, but still, it was fun and we enjoyed it. Of course, I ate so much extra buttered popcorn, I almost felt

Selfie with

We even got a little shopping in. ;) Managed to find some cute big cups for, they even said they were ice tea cups. Just what we needed!

Red One is off at a sleepover tonight. The other girls are trying to see how late I'll let them stay up and I are hoping for a quiet night of Chuck. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 29 - Happy Birthday David!

Today is David's 35th birthday! I do believe that everything is actually ready (or will be) by the time David and Dad make it back from the gun store. They're just going to I figured I'd go ahead and get my post done while they're gone, and post party pics tomorrow. That way the evening can be just a David night. :)

Outfit numero 29!

Since we had steaks on Memorial Day we were trying to think of something different for David's birthday dinner. He's actually a really big fan of lamb, so we are trying out racks of lamb. So far, looking delicious and pretty dadgum easy! My kind of meal! I also have roasted garlic mashed potatoes (which look a little gluey for some reason :/ but taste delicious!) and roasted asparagus. Plus, I got the Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting done...mmmmm!

Buddy and I went to Stew Leonards for the's this really cool local grocery store with delicious in-house food, and fun animatronix creatures that the kids can push a button and make sing or whatever. We even spent enough to get a free ice cream cone! Can't beat that!

I also had to make a special trip to Fish Family Farms for some of David's favorite ice cream...well, second favorite. His first favorite is quite a ways away...anyways, the farm makes awesome ice cream. We even stopped in the barn to see the cows. There were a couple of bitty baby calves! So cute!!! Buddy didn't want to leave!

Anyways, lots of cleaning and cooking later, we got the making of a party! I'll let y'all see the pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 28 - Lazy Day...mostly

I made a trip to the library last night, so I'm all stocked up on books. Of course, that meant that today, all I wanted to do was curl up with a book...or two. So, I did. :) I'd heard a lot about The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, so that was the first I tackled. Let me tell you, bawled like a baby! :'( Then a lightweight mystery story, I'm not really even sure why it was on my list! Basically, if I'm reading a magazine, or someone tells me about a book, or whatever, I write it down in my notes app on my phone, then when I'm at the library I have a bunch of options to look at. Otherwise I'd totally forget about stuff I wanted to read! If it ain't in my phone, it ain't happening! Anyways, finished the mystery, it was alright, but not worth my time. I'm halfway through World War Z now, which is pretty cool.

Red Three stayed home today of course...gotta wait 24 hours after a vomiting episode before going back to school...even though she was pretty fine. Need to make that appointment, that's for sure. I'm just not sure if I should start with her pediatrician, or go straight to her gastroenterologist from when she was having issues with polyps a few years ago. Hmmmmm....

Oh, yeah, here I am today.

Yes, it was sweater weather here today...after being in the mid-80s, today the high was in the upper-50s after a bunch of thunderstorms rolled through. Love that song by The Neighborhood, btw! Anyways, definitely a comfy cozy sort of day...I even made soup and bread! Cauliflower rice soup and homemade bread. So good!

Dad dropped in to ask what David wanted for his birthday and when we were gonna celebrate. I said, I don't even know what he wanted, but that we'd celebrate on Thursday. Dad was like, so, tomorrow. Arghhhhh!!!! Memorial Day totally threw me off! I knew David's birthday was on Thursday, but it didn't connect in my head that that was tomorrow! I guess I shouldn't have been lazing about today! Oh well...I got his cake baked (carrot cake)...fixing to make frosting (coconut cream cheese). Figured out what to cook tomorrow...lamb chops! Just gotta stop at the grocery store for supplies. I already bought his present online, he had to tell me exactly what to search! He's the hardest person to shop for! He either already has everything he wants, buys it himself...or else wants something completely unrealistic! This year he's getting whatever paintball gun upgrade part thingy he wanted...a bit unrealistic, but what you gonna do! 

It's just a family dinner pretty low key. The girls have the downstairs pretty decent, so hopefully tomorrow won't be that crazy! Y'all be thinking of me, hoping I'm not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 27 - MOPS and more

Here's my gray for the day :)

Today was our last MOPS meeting of the year. It's been a really good year, but definitely a lot of changes! It was the first year that I wasn't on steering team. Except...when Carey was diagnosed, I got roped back in to hospitality ;) which I totally didn't mind!!! I loved doing it. Even though I can't do it full time, it was nice to be able to help out! Next year will be my last MOPS Buddy will be going to Kindergarten the following year...:(

Fairly low key day for the rest of it though...lots of dishes and tidying. Red Three walked out of school looking pitiful. Her tummy was hurting her all day she said. And then just now, she threw up. This has been happening more than I'd like. She'll feel bad for a while, throw up a couple times, and then be totally fine. I don't know what's up with that. I'm probably gonna have to bring her in...especially since she had issues with her tummy a few years ago. 

I had to run a couple errands. While I was at the library some dude came up and just wouldn't stop raving about my hair (starting to be a common, after the library, I stopped by the liquor store and what do you know, that same guy was there and started talking about my "rad" hair again...hahaha!

My little monkey boy!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 26 - Happy Memorial Day! Red, Blue and Gray?

 Had to get David to get a pic, since my gray was my! Hard to get a selfie of that!

Today started with the Manchester Memorial Day parade...the wreath laying ceremony is just a couple blocks from our house. There's a little park with monuments for all the wars. We got a good spot to view the parade, if not the ceremony part. 

Buddy's raring to go! Gotta love his DC/Marvel mix ;) 
Red Two and Three wore their skates...and didn't fall much ;)
Papa came too!
This soldier waved to Buddy 
I told Buddy, look at the soldiers! He said "Where are their swords?" 
Fire Department 
Reenactment soldiers 
Silly boy 

The kids started finishing up their chores when we got home. I got to video chat my brother Mike for a bit, which was really nice! I hadn't talked to him in a while. He's stationed in Qatar right now, but heading back to the states for R&R for the month of June. His family is back in Texas, so we probably won't get to see him. It was really great to get to chat for a bit, before our connection started acting up! :/ Oh well, what can you do.

Mike in Iraq back in 2006 I think 
Mike a few months ago in Qatar...looking good bro!

David and I were planning on heading to the movie theater...wound up seeing the new X-Men movie. It was really good! Not to give anything away, but it didn't even dawn on me till David brought it up afterwards, but how was Professor Xavier alive?!?!?!? They never explained it! was great though. I think I might have mentioned it previously, but I love Jennifer Lawrence, and she does a good Mystique! And come on, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are geek overlords! And then there's James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender...wonderful actors!

Love this poster!

Anyways, after the movie, we headed home to start the grill. I figured I'd see if Dave and the boys wanted to come over, I knew Sarah had to work...but we had an extra steak, so why not? Worked out nicely! After our steaks and brats (burgers and dogs for the kiddos), we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores again. Perfect evening! The weather was beautiful, no mosquitoes, nobody got burned, and the dog only stole a few marshmallows ;)

Beautiful end to a lovely day!