Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 27 - MOPS and more

Here's my gray for the day :)

Today was our last MOPS meeting of the year. It's been a really good year, but definitely a lot of changes! It was the first year that I wasn't on steering team. Except...when Carey was diagnosed, I got roped back in to hospitality ;) which I totally didn't mind!!! I loved doing it. Even though I can't do it full time, it was nice to be able to help out! Next year will be my last MOPS year...as Buddy will be going to Kindergarten the following year...:(

Fairly low key day for the rest of it though...lots of dishes and tidying. Red Three walked out of school looking pitiful. Her tummy was hurting her all day she said. And then just now, she threw up. This has been happening more than I'd like. She'll feel bad for a while, throw up a couple times, and then be totally fine. I don't know what's up with that. I'm probably gonna have to bring her in...especially since she had issues with her tummy a few years ago. 

I had to run a couple errands. While I was at the library some dude came up and just wouldn't stop raving about my hair (starting to be a common occurence...lol)...anyways, after the library, I stopped by the liquor store and what do you know, that same guy was there and started talking about my "rad" hair again...hahaha!

My little monkey boy!