Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 4 - Because I'm a big, fat nerd, May the Fourth be with you!

Today was church day, so y'all get me in a dress ;)

Red One had to join in the fun! And Buddy's in the pic just cuz he's cute (because he certainly doesn't meet the gray! lol)
Look at my pretty new necklace!

Last night I took Red Three out on her date...she was so excited! She had been wanting to go roller skating, but by the time they were done with chores, etc, it was too late for that. But, apparently going shopping and stopping at Sweet Frog more than made up for it! Their yogurt/toppings were super yummy, if very pricey! lol, once you weigh it, it's a bit yikes! But definitely fun for every once in a while.

Red Three went with vanilla and strawberry yogurt...I got Nutella, coconut, and white chocolate macadamia nut...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Plus, I love mochi and honey on mine ;) 

Then it was on to Charming of our favorites! It's basically this giant candy store for grownups. It full of jewelry, scarves, handbags, hats...basically any accessory you can think of...and it's pretty cheap! Especially the clearance section. Red Three found a bff necklace set to get her friend for her birthday. Then we tried on lots of fun, crazy jewelry. I may or may not have come out of there with some new goodies...wink, wink. Oh yeah, like that new necklace!, they were having a scarf sale! How could I say no??? ;)

She really wanted the scarf...but settled for a beautiful pearl necklace to wear on her 1st Communion next weekend. 

 Afterwards, we stopped at Rachel's work for a bite to eat...and then home to is hard work!

Silly girl!

And oh yeah, one last pic!