Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 29 - Happy Birthday David!

Today is David's 35th birthday! I do believe that everything is actually ready (or will be) by the time David and Dad make it back from the gun store. They're just going to I figured I'd go ahead and get my post done while they're gone, and post party pics tomorrow. That way the evening can be just a David night. :)

Outfit numero 29!

Since we had steaks on Memorial Day we were trying to think of something different for David's birthday dinner. He's actually a really big fan of lamb, so we are trying out racks of lamb. So far, looking delicious and pretty dadgum easy! My kind of meal! I also have roasted garlic mashed potatoes (which look a little gluey for some reason :/ but taste delicious!) and roasted asparagus. Plus, I got the Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting done...mmmmm!

Buddy and I went to Stew Leonards for the's this really cool local grocery store with delicious in-house food, and fun animatronix creatures that the kids can push a button and make sing or whatever. We even spent enough to get a free ice cream cone! Can't beat that!

I also had to make a special trip to Fish Family Farms for some of David's favorite ice cream...well, second favorite. His first favorite is quite a ways away...anyways, the farm makes awesome ice cream. We even stopped in the barn to see the cows. There were a couple of bitty baby calves! So cute!!! Buddy didn't want to leave!

Anyways, lots of cleaning and cooking later, we got the making of a party! I'll let y'all see the pics tomorrow.