Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 5 - Cinco de Mayo! Plus a guest star!

Another day, another gray!

Buddy got tired of waiting for me to get he went out to dig in the dirt. We have this spot where there used to be an above ground pool. We didn't want it, so we got rid of it when we moved it. Anyways, the kids, especially Buddy, love to play in the dirt. I thought about getting sand to fill it in...but never have gotten around to it. It's like our very own white trash backyard! lol I'm sure the neighbors love it!

I caught Freckles mid-stride with her soccer ball ;)

And our lovely guest appearance comes from my beautiful friend, Dacia, and her sweet boy.

Aren't they sweet?!?! Thanks for going gray chica! 

Off to Crate and Barrel to get some more drinking glasses. For some totally weird reason, ever since Red Three took over emptying the dishwasher, all my glasses have gotten chipped. So odd. :P Plus, gotta get some flank steak...totally making fajitas tonight! (and maybe margaritas ;)

Please keep David in prayer...his body pain is getting worse again. We have an appointment at Sloan next week for an MRI/checkup...hopefully the doctor will care more this time. Nobody seems to really worry about it, but it's really frustrating.