Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 1 - May Day!!! Happy 1st Anniversary to 31 Days of Gray!

Going gray everyday in May to raise brain cancer awareness! Can you believe it's been a whole year??? Amazing to me ;) Now that May has rolled around, I will once again be wearing gray everyday and documenting my outfit to try to help raise awareness this month. 

Outfit numbero uno!

I even threw on my gray boots for the day ;)

And today has been a perfectly gray day outside as well...much as I appreciate the gesture May, I'd much prefer some sunshine! lol

I have some new brain cancer awareness bracelets as very favorite one broke :( but these new ones are pretty. Oh, and you can see my anniversary present too...David got me a new watch! It's pretty cool, there's no battery, it's solar powered. I haven't had a watch in so long, I still forget to look at it sometimes...haha!

Well, let me catch up...finish up April's activities :)

Easter this year was actually a beautiful day...a little chilly at first, but so nice later on. We ran late for first church, so wound up having to stand in the back...and then, I almost forgot, but because it was the third Sunday of the month, it was my turn to work the nursery., oh well....I love hanging out with the babies (gotta get my baby fix somehow), but was sad to miss Pastor Dave's Easter sermon. The girls all looked lovely in their Easter finery. On a side note, oh my goodness! It is SO hard to shop for Red One now! She's huge, she can wear my shoes, she's in women's sizes, tall, not a, I really can't buy her anything unless she's there to try it on. Took a little time, but we finally found her a cute, modest dress...that's the biggest problem, even when the ladies clothes fit, they're not always appropriate for her age. Anyone else out there with this problem? Anyways, they looked adorable...and so did Buddy with his tie ;)

Of course, we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Although, without Papa to hide the golden egg, it was found pretty

love this action shot
Red One found the golden egg!

We had dyed the eggs the night before. We even made these cool ones where you actually crack the eggs, but don't peel them, then put food coloring over them...they came out so cool!

I made a ham...but didn't care for it too much. I usually get my ham at Target, their spiral cut ham is actually really good, but for whatever reason, our Target didn't have it this year. The one I wound up getting at Sam's wasn't even that big, and was a bit dry and chewy....oh well...wasn't bad, just not my favorite. Actually, the whole menu this year came out just meh. Nothing was bad, but nothing was awesome either...what can ya do, can't have winners everytime.

Buddy and I hung out on the hammock most of the was just about perfect! And Freckles loved the leftovers, let me tell you!

And then, apparently Red Two got a hold of the camera...I found a couple of selfies ;)

For the past several years, I was the hospitality coordinator for my MOPS group...basically that means working with the discussion group leaders to make sure that each group has enough food, help decorate, etc whenever it's their group's turn to provide breakfast. I'd make the coffee each meeting, make sure cleanup happened...and plan the annual spring tea. My friend Carey had taken over hospitality this year after I stepped down...but after her diagnosis, I was asked to help cover for her along with another MOPS mom, Suzanne. Carey had already planned a theme for this year's tea...Scottish Breakfast. For my part, I coordinated with the caterer while Suzanne handled the decorations. We were all so pleased with how well everything came out! The food was SO good...the favorites being the scones and clotted cream...and the Scottish eggs. What are Scottish eggs you say? Only hard-boiled eggs that are wrapped with breakfast sausage, breaded and then deep very, very good!

Carey colored her hair an awesome shade of purple...but then it did start falling out :( I gotta say though, she can rock the bald head like no other!!! The pic on the right is from the Spring Tea...fancy! And my other friend, Dacia, had the best hat...I totally wanted to steal it! It's so funny, I had been having a completely geeky conversation on Facebook with some friends about Sherlock, whenever series 3 came out...and Dacia was a friend of a friend in the conversation, and she was geeking out just as much as I I knew I had to meet her! and we go to the same MOPS group, so the next meeting I found her and said "Hi! We were talking about Sherlock!!!" lol...and that's how we became friends :D

So, I have a completely embarrassing story and an awesome picture to share. The dog was outside, freaking out by the door wanting to come in. I was a little aggravated and on my way to let her inside, I tripped, hit my arm on these little plastic containers we have to hold the chalk for our chalkwall...and somehow managed to slice my arm open. It hurt so bad!!!! I was super mad at the, it was the coolest looking injury. It looks like I got in a knife fight or something, but no, just the lamest story ever!

You should have seen it the next day though!!! I had the biggest bruise under the cut, from where I first hit my arm on the

This past Saturday was the Color Me Rad 5K...a bunch of us moms from MOPS had signed up months ago...and I hadn't trained AT ALL!!! Yikes...luckily we were all going to walk. Turned out to be a chilly, rainy day, but we powered through. We wore white, but we knew we wouldn't stay that way! Basically, it's a fun run event where they throw powdered paint on you as you was so much fun!!! Carey had signed up with us, but definitely wasn't up for her husband took her place. I think he thought we were all insane!!! (might be a bit of truth to that ;) The day before we had all been chatting on FB about it, and prancercise came up. If you don't know what that is, you need to stop what you are doing and go Youtube it!

Seriously...I'll wait. 

OK, now wasn't that the most hilarious and cringeworthy thing you've ever seen?!?!?! Bwahahahaha So we were joking that we would prancercise our way through the race. And we totally did, a little bit ;) Dacia had the moves down! lol...

Here's how we started out :) Heather, our craft guru, made us all awesome tutus!
love that to open it says, bite me!
Best shot!

The whole thing was such a blast!!! And it actually motivated me to start working out again...I've been a bit of a couch potato lately. I've been hitting the treadmill and alternating with pilates...gonna try to keep it up.

We've been having plumbing issues lately...our downstairs toilet has been messing up for months. It just wouldn't stop running. I replaced the innards so many times and nothing worked, then the pipe for the shutoff valve started leaking. Ugh! and then the upstairs toilet started leaking on the floor, the porcelain of the tank was cracked...who knows how! So, we bought a couple new toilets. David and I replaced the upstairs one several weeks ago...and come to find out, it's not actually all that difficult. I was going to do the downstairs, but the bolts were rusted together, so David needed to grind them free. Anyways, I finally got around to it this week...all by myself, I might add! and now we have all working toilets, with no leaks! Yay!!!! Now if only I would get around to fixing the dripping faucet on the sink upstairs... :)

Red One finally had her awards ceremony for the second marking period (the school district divides it into three)...she made honor roll again! Good job baby!

I was helping Buddy clean his room...and he was distracted by the toys, of course. Next thing I know, he's up on top of his toy shelf, performing! lol...too stinking cute!

For some reason, it's not letting me upload the video...I don't know why. I've never had a problem uploading before. Huh...oh well, here's a link.

My handsome men! Buddy truly believes that when he wears his fast as lightning shirt, he runs faster! So cute!

And that is a wrap...we are all caught up...see you tomorrow with more gray!