Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 18 - Nursery, Noodles, Fandoms, and Mowing

Sunday mornings are always hectic around here...doesn't help when I don't remember that I have to work the nursery at second church until an hour beforehand :) And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I put everything that I can't forget in my Google calendar! If it ain't there, it ain't happening. As Red One found out when I never picked her up the other day...oops!

Red Two dressed to impress...she wanted to be on my blog :D  
Love that girl!

After second church, we went to Olive Garden. Even though it's not "real" Italian, sometimes it's just so good! My favorite is usually the soup, salad, and breadsticks...I don't know what they put in the salad dressing, but I could seriously eat the stuff until I exploded! This time they had a deal going on with a few of their entrees plus salad and breadsticks for $10...not a bad deal. I was expecting a lunch portion, but it was a huge piece of lasagna! Dad's spaghetti was nice and big too. The kids love Olive Garden, and David wasn't around to pooh pooh! And he actually enjoyed the takeout I brought him. He usually turns his nose up at it.

David and I have been catching up on our shows episodes that we missed this week. We watched the penultimate Supernatural, I'm so worried about Dean! This season has had some great moments...really liked the Mark of Cain storyline. Loved Timothy Omundsen's guest appearance as Cain...I'm hoping he might come back. But Dean is scary right now! I'm a little terrified of the season finale!

"I found a liquor store, and I drank it"...this is the fandom preparing!

We watched the season finale of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Man, it was awesome! The season started out a bit was cool, but not great. But it started getting much better, and then by the time Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with it's Hydra twist came became amazing! This last episode had some awesome moments, not to mention Samuel L. Jackson appeared!

Today we finally watched the Arrow season 2 finale. Another awesome, action-packed fun-fest! It's one of those shows that knows it's a little cheesy and plays into it...I love it! I'm a total Ollicity fan (Oliver and Felicity shipper)...and got my hopes so high, until David totally guessed what was going on and dashed my feels! Ugh!!!! lol

Dangit Ollie! 
Love Diggle!

They also released a 5 minute trailer and a teaser trailer for the new Flash show they'll be doing in the looks super fun!

Anyways, after watching Arrow with David, Buddy and I hung out on the hammock for a while, until it got a little chilly in the shade. Our grass has been growing like crazy!!! Last week, I mowed it on Thursday and it needed to be mown again by Saturday! I couldn't believe it! This week we got about 5 days out of it. Papa started on the front lawn...showed Red Two how to mow. Red One's been mowing for a couple years, but Papa feels bad that she's out there, so then a lot of time's he'll go out there and mow too ;) Anyways, R2 is much smaller, but she got the hang of it...mostly. She did very good for her first time trying! some points it looked like the mower was running away from her! Papa had to dance out of the way a couple times...hahaha!

Buddy wanted to mow too! He didn't understand why his mower wasn't working.