Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 14 - Clean up, clean up, everybody (well, mostly me)

The house is usually a bit of a disaster after our NYC one motivating those kids to do their chores! So much of my day was spent trying to tame the chaos and wrestle laundry. Fairly successful, at least till the little monsters came back home from school. So I was just sitting down to lunch when my friend Nicole calls me and says "Did you forget it's a half day today?" I was like "what??????" I had no idea! I hadn't checked my email the day before, the kids didn't tell me, and they didn't send home a flyer. Poor Red One was waiting and waiting for me...thankfully Nicole lives right by the 6th grade school, so she grabbed her on the way to getting her kids from elementary and dropped her off. Thanks Nicole!!! At least I made it for the other two girls pickup! not the mother of the year :D

These are super cute sandals, but they flop weirdly when I walk, so I think I'll be handing them on to Red One. Yes, she can totally wear my shoes...ticks me off no end, especially when my shoes end up in her closet or on her feet. The other day she was wearing my little black booties and asks me "are these yours?" "Yes, yes they are, now get them off your feet!!!!" lol

She's been wanting to get a haircut for a few months...I finally took her today :)

Before...and look, she's even in gray!

Came out super cute, even if the stylist didn't listen to what I told they so often don't! At first, she didn't seem to want to cut R1's hair...are you sure, that short? Um, yes, that is what we said. lol...then I told her a straight, layered bob...but the back is clearly longer than the front. But R1 was super pleased with it, so I let it be. She can't wait to show her friends at school tomorrow!