Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 16 - Fun with girls of all ages :)

All the kids were home from school again...we spent the afternoon watching The Princess Bride and folding (well, I folded) a gigantic mountain of laundry. I really should have taken a picture of covered my whole couch, about 3 feet deep! But, it's all folded and put away...yay! The Princess Bride was my favorite movie as a teenager...I was quoting all the fun lines as they came up. Red Three asked me "How do you memorize all that???" lol...I even came across an Inigo Montoya shirt at the thrift store yesterday, I was SO stoked! 

I also found this cool Superman shirt there gray! I mean, typically I'm more of a Marvel fan, but Superman is always cool!

I got a few more hanging plants for my front porch and transplanted them into my pretty always looks so nice with the flowers out there. If only I can remember to water them...we'll see how long they last this year ;) 

My redneck boy going through shirtless phase.

The impatiens Papa got me. 
I got a huge kick out of these...they are called Lobelia...any Hobbit fans out there remember who she is???? No? Just me??? Your first fandom never leaves you :) 
Beautiful Dianthus
These Fuschias are my favorite though! Look at those gorgeous blooms! Brilliant! The lady at the store told me the hummingbirds like them, so hopefully we'll start seeing them. 

I even got to hang out with my BFF tonight...Kim couldn't make it, but Sarah and I visited, had some yummy cocktails, watched a hilarious crappy movie (the new Carrie), and the last half of The Dark Knight Rises (awesome movie!) It was so great...hadn't seen her in a couple weeks, and felt longer! She was even wearing gray, so I forced her to take a selfie with me :) Sorry Sarah, but I had to!

She and Dave went to The Killers concert the other night...super jealous! lol...but glad they got to go. She and I saw them years ago when I won tickets and backstage was such a great night! Anyways, she brought me back a it!