Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 11 - Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you lovely mamas had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day! I sure did! After first church (where everyone clapped for Red Three celebrating her First Communion) and then second church (or as Buddy calls it, play church, since he goes in the we headed out to eat somewhere. I had seen that there was a new Mediterranean grill at the nice outdoor mall, so I figured we could check it out. I love Mediterranean food, especially hummus! It turned out to be like the Mediterranean equivalent of Chipotles...not a nice, fancy restaurant, but a casual/fast dining place. It was good though! And, no line, even better! lol

Aren't these great shoes?!?

Afterwards, we headed back home. The kids were excited to give me the presents they had bought with their own money! They are so sweet! And the flowers that Papa let them pick out :) It was perfect...I had just been saying that I wanted to get some hanging flowers! Thanks Dad! Plus, David had mopped the kitchen while we were gone...and it needed it BAD!!! He was saying that was his Mother's Day gift...bwahaha...and you know what, I'll totally let it slide, cleaning is great! hehehe

chocolate! my girls know me!
My favorites are always the school projects they make!

It was a beautiful, warm day today, not a cloud in the sky! I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon in the hammock outside relaxing, after a costume change, so a bonus outfit! :D Dresses and hammocks probably aren't the best It was blissful to just spend time reading, listening to music, playing a couple of games on my tablet...listen to the kids play (and the dog bark...and bark...and bark...OK, maybe that wasn't so great...haha) and not do anything! That was my favorite part!

lol, which one was taken with the expensive camera...hmmmmm...
Buddy's going through a shirtless phase...little redneck!

After Dad got back from running errands, we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening hanging out on the porch swing, watching the kids roller skate and run around. Like I said, we love the porch!

It was just about a perfect day! We were gonna try to watch the Princess Bride, but by the time Chinese got here and we ate, it was a bit too late...but we'll make an attempt tomorrow night.

Oh yeah, here's Buddy from last night...he conked out on the floor in front of the bathroom...his bed was just too far!

I hope each one of you had an amazing and blessed Mother's Day as well!