Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 9 - Lots to do!

Busy day getting the house ready for an eventful weekend...but here I am.

Whoa, that's a lot of glare on my glasses!

Tomorrow is Red Three's First Communion, and it is also Papa's birthday! Super exciting for everyone, but of course, lots to get ready. I've been checking stuff off my to do list...but still have a messy house and not much obvious to show for it. I tried to fix the van's back door...the pneumatic strut snapped off. I've replaced the other one a few months ago...easy peasy, but this time the ball joint that the strut goes over rusted and snapped off. Ugh, I cannot find that piece! Well, I did find it on one Mazda wholesale website, for about $6, but they wanted 20.00 shipping! Seriously, the thing has to weigh like 1 oz! What a ripoff! But, if I can't find it at an auto parts store, I'll have to bite the bullet.

I didn't get my bedroom done, but at least all the clothes are put away ;) Got all the laundry planned for tomorrow. I even spruced up my wreath. It had too many orange flowers, so it tended to look a bit autumnal. I added a bunch of pink, purple and blues to make it more springy/summery.

Got some grocery shopping done...even met with Red One's teachers and took her to a doctor appointment. 

Now to eat dinner and make a birthday cake! And crack the whip on those kids...they need to clean, clean, clean!!! haha