Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 23 - Three day weekend is upon us! Yay!

Today was full of the to school, Red Two to the pediatrician for a check up (somehow she managed to slip through the cracks for a year and a half...oops!), couple of errands, know, the norm. 
Yes, it is actually a gray shirt, with lots of flowers :P

Yesterday I saw these shoes at Payless (where I never go!) and fell in love...had to have them!

Aren't they just the cutest ever? 

I'm not the greatest at cool braids for the girls...but this morning Red Two asked if I'd make her a side braid like Katniss. She was getting her picture taken for the yearbook. I thought my efforts came out pretty good.

They were allowed to bring in a prop for the picture if they wanted of something that they are interested in. She decided to bring in a paintball we knew they wouldn't let her have the gun. She thought it was a funny contrast with her cute dress and hair and then the mask. Looking forward to seeing the picture.

Red Three wore her RED shirt that Doc sent the girls last year :)
Buddy told me he was taking a nap 

Tonight was step one of the blueing process...bleach! Came out a funky pinkish orangeish tint...probably because of my previous dye job. It's funny, the roots came out the lightest, even though my hair is darker than the color I dyed it. The blue should cover it all up nicely though ;)

Hopefully I won't look like Mystique with blue skin tomorrow :) Wish me luck! And yes, even my PJs are gray! lol