Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 20 - More of the same 

Spent most of the day on the couch (and part on the hammock ;)...wasn't feeling awful, but definitely wasn't feeling great. Hope those antibiotics kick in soon! Sarah offered to pick up the girls from school for me...and then she took them to Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt joint)! They even brought me home a cup! Yum!!! Thanks Sarah!!! I'm actually supposed to eat yogurt since I'm on antibiotics...hahaha...probably not the kind they were talking about. 

I actually crashed for a nap after supper...slept for a couple hours. I'm not normally a napper, usually only when I'm sick. Feeling better now...bit stuffy though. Gonna swig some Nyquil in a bit, hopefully get a good night's sleep and be back to normal in the morning. Yeah. Sounds like a plan...hopefully my body cooperates! haha

I still managed to find a comfy gray shirt to cozy up it :) 
Silly boy wants to make faces every time I point the camera his way!

Gonna be making an appointment with David's neurosurgeon, who is local. He's overdue to check in with him anyways, and we're hoping that he might be able to point us in the right direction as far as someone to treat David's pain. He's such a great doctor, one of the few who actually seems to care about him as a person, and he knows all the good doctors around here. He's gotten us references before to take care of other issues, like that one time David had a terrible sinus infection...so here's hoping!