Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 25 - Sunday = The Spirit, Shopping, and S'mores  

First of all, my gray for the day! Can you believe I haven't repeated any outfits yet? I made it through last May without recycling, so I think I can do it this year too ;)

I'm starting to think I should always have blue hair. Never have I had so many people compliment me on my hair, including total strangers in several different places. I guess blue is a good look for me ;) Felt pretty cool!

The services were good at both churches, especially the worship at CLG...really felt the Spirit! Love when that happens! After both churches this morning, we stopped by Chipotle's for good! Except somehow, they were out of tortillas. I mean seriously, you're a burrito place, that should not happen! lol...I mean, I was OK with it, my favorite is their barbacoa tacos, but David had to settle for a burrito bowl...which, you know, he was actually fine with, less fluff, just the important stuff! lol

Ever since I picked up the making for s'mores, the kids (especially Red One) have been so excited and wouldn't stop bugging me about it! Plus, they've been wanting to "camp out" in the backyard. Red One had a cookout to go to at a friend's house this afternoon...she was begging me not to do s'mores without her! lol

Anyways, I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on steaks, etc for tomorrow. I also had a couple of bags for of course I had to browse a bit ;) Even found of couple of things...yay! Anyways, when I got home, we started the firepit. David was out there dousing the wood with lighter fluid...seemed like a set up for "how could this have been avoided?" lol...all's well though. And Red One made it back in time for s'mores...whew!

so sweet!
photobomb! how do they even know that word?!?
David loves that Buddy has a little bit of redneck in him ;)

They were excited when I got the sleeping bags out for them. Buddy had wanted to camp out...but I think he made it like 10 minutes before going inside to Daddy's bed! lol...He crawled in Red Three's sleeping bag for a while...then migrated over to Red Two's. Red One wouldn't even let him in! Stinker! I'm wondering if the rest of them will make it through the whole night...but so far so good! haha

Looking up at the stars...not the clearest night, but they found the Big Dipper :)