Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 7 - Baseball with Buddy

Today Buddy and I went to a baseball game. Red Two's fifth grade class was singing the National Anthem for the Education Day at the Rock Cats, our local minor league team. Y'all might remember that Red One did the same thing last year. Thankfully, the weather was much nicer this time around. It rained and drizzled most of the morning last year, but today it was sunny and beautiful!

The kids did a beautiful job. This is a pretty fun outing for the kids...and I like it because I can go, bring Buddy with me, and I'm not chaperoning! lol

Buddy and I actually had pretty decent seats to the right of the diamond...and we were right behind the school's seats. It's super crazy though, as there are kids from many different area's chaos! Not to mention, LOUD! And unfortunately, we had some obnoxious teenage boys behind us part of the time...I almost turned around and asked them to watch their language...but then they moved. Seriously, teenage boy pack mentality = yuck!

Buddy was being a stinker, every time I tried to take a picture he made a frowny face...then laughed at me after the picture was taken. I had to resort to tickling!

Of course we had to get some ballpark snacks. The chili cheese dog was a mistake for Buddy though...can we say huge mess! Don't know why I thought 5 napkins would be enough. My pulled pork nachos were pretty OK...I wasn't too happy when Buddy totally backwashed into my root beer though...hahaha!

Buddy was a big fan of the cotton candy though!

We wound up leaving early...there's only so much baseball a 4 year old can take...but we talked to Red Two before we left.

On the way out, Buddy saw a cutout face thing and had to get a picture...I have no idea who those guys are though! lol

Like I mentioned previously, it's gonna be Dad's birthday on Saturday...David had thought about getting him a tactical knife as a present. He basically already told Dad what he was getting him, just not the specifics. Anyways, David just can't wait until birthdays...he just can't really keep presents secret (which I hate! I love surprises! haha). So, of course, he gave Dad his present last night. Dad really liked it! It actually is a really beautiful, well-made  knife...the SOG Forge. 

For some reason, Buddy is going through a shirtless phase right
Ain't it purty?

Happy early birthday Dad! :)