Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 6 - Papa's home! Plus, play-date at the park :)

First up, today's outfit...my adorable new scarf I got at Charming Charlie's! I'm totally into the whole bird print thing that's going around. I love it...and I had to have this scarf!

Don't know where he got it, but lately Buddy's been throwing thumbs up in pics :)

So, we got a nice surprise last night! Dad flew in for a week! He had been planning on coming to town this coming weekend (it's Red Three's 1st Communion and his birthday)...but a job that was supposed to start this week got pushed back to next week, so he came back early. Everyone was so excited!

I already had a play-date scheduled for this morning though...so off Buddy and I went. But first, we had to stop at Panera to grab some bagels. I love their bagels, and I especially love their Tuesday special when you can get a baker's dozen for 6.99 (or something like that)...it's such a good deal!

Buddy had a great time playing with Dacia's son! At that age, especially at a park, it's pretty common for them to not really play together, or start playing with someone else, but they played together almost the whole time! Her oldest is about 6 months younger than Buddy, but I think he might actually be taller (and Buddy's pretty tall!). I'm so glad they clicked...poor Buddy doesn't have many friends his age to play with. I've really been wanting to find a playmate for him! 

Spidey skills!

 And once again, Dacia wore gray! So she get's to appear twice in a row! haha, suck up! ;) lol

Then after I get home, I get a call from David saying he's at the doctor's office for his finger...I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but his fingers have very bad luck! Back when we were first married, he managed to have surgery on the same finger in the same year for two different injuries...once a piece of electrical equipment was dropped on it, almost cut the tip off. Then later that year, he decided to chainsaw it...one joint down...I thought it was probably best if he was banned from sharp instruments...but this time, he thought it might be a spider bite or something. He had mentioned it last night, but it really swelled up today. But thankfully, the doctor thought it was just an infected cut and gave him some antibiotic ointment. lol...glad it wasn't a big deal!