Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 3 - Saturday = Pancake Morning!

I always get a late start on's one of the few times I'm sometimes able to sleep in. Then, it's basically a tradition that we have pancakes. Oops, I just remembered, I forgot to make the breakfast sausage :( By the time I'm done making pancakes, eating, etc, it's almost noon most days. Anyways, here I am today :) 

I painted my nails...fingernails in gray and toes in silver (which totally counts!) I can't even call it a mani, as I'm so not talented...I just did it last night and it's already chipping...oh well. But I LOVE nail polish...I have two buckets of them...David was like, that sounds like a lot of money. Even drugstore stuff adds up...we won't try to do the math! lol

Can y'all tell what my favorite color is??? I love every shade of blue/green out there, from teal to turquoise to aqua!!! It's so pretty. David just rolls his eyes now. Every time I want to paint or decorate he just says, let me guess, teal? To which I reply, it's turquoise! not teal! I know my Crayolas! lol I was so excited! I stopped by Goodwill yesterday, and they had a bunch of brand new Target I grabbed a couple. I've kinda been on a scarf kick lately. I used to not like them at all, but now I love them! Anyways, that one I'm wearing today I got from GW. 

Oh, so the pancakes this morning were so yummy! I just used my regular buttermilk recipe...but then made this delicious filling out of coconut pudding and cream fruit and whipped cream. So, take a pancake, put some filling on it, then either cut up a banana or use pie filling, then another pancake then top it off with a ton of whipped cream. So good! 

The kids all loved it, except Buddy...he didn't like the pudding filling, but loved the whipped cream. Silly boy!

We went to the park yesterday...brought his wiggle bike along. Anyways, when we put it in the car, he had to put the seatbelt on cute!