Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 15 - Strep in the house...again.

So I picked the totally wrong outfit today. I knew it was gonna be cloudy, possibly rainy, and for some reason I thought I threw on this cute cardigan. Nope, muggy, muggy, muggy! haha, oh well. I had to leave it on, because the shirt wasn't gray at Aren't those cute glasses too? I order my glasses from an online website, I just tell you, SO CHEAP!!! These are some fairly new the peacock feathers. I think these were about $, lens and frame...definitely can't beat that!!!

Wow, didn't realize my hair color was that bad! A little too hi-def on the cute hairstyle if I do say so myself. I knew I needed to color it, but I'm waiting till I cut my hair next week. Think I might go blue again. :)

So, the girls have been complaining of sore I took them all to the doctor today. Red One was the only one who came back negative, and she's the one that felt the worst. I think it might come back positive from the one they send to the lab. She was actually indignant she didn't test! Anyways, that makes three times this year that strep has struck the kids! It even got me one time...oh my, I think I posted about it...but I haven't felt that awful in years! Ugh! I'm ready for it to move on, that's for sure.

I ran some errands today...scored this adorable fedora at Christmas Tree Shop for 3.99. Love the seersucker look with the lace. The girls are already trying to steal it from me!