Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 17 - Pancakes, Parties and Paintball

Today was pancake morning :) always a favorite...I made regular buttermilk pancakes and also threw together some avocado scrambled good! Well, after I finally woke up! I slept in past 10:00! and Red Two slept in even later!!! It was nice though...Saturdays are the only day I usually don't have to wake up for anything. 

David wanted to paintball of course...Red Two decided she was up for it...she's feeling a bit better after starting antibiotics. Papa and Buddy went along to watch. Dad sent me a pic...the netting is in the way, but you can see Red Two out there all geared up. It's unbelievable really, how much gear David has for the girls and him to play! 3 face-masks, 4 guns, 4 air tanks, jerseys, paintball pants, 3 hoppers, tens of pods to hold extra paintballs, pod pack to bring the extra pods on the field, barrel kits, batteries, barrel swabs, oil and grease for the guns, barrel sleeves, o-ring kits for each gun, radar chronograph to make sure your gun ain't shooting hot...or too slow, or's ridiculous! And a Tilly hat to play classy :) That last was a direct quote...hahaha! Oh well, at least they are out there having fun!

Red Two (showing bad form, as David told me) hiding behind the Dorito (as that structure is nicknamed) He said to say she plays better than she looks here. ;)

Red Three had her BFF's birthday party to go to today...she's been counting down the days! was a swimming party at the YMCA. She woke me up early this morning to see if she was able to go since she had strep. I sleepily reassured her that she'd been on her antibiotics long enough, she wasn't contagious anymore. We had fun at Target picking out a present (cute jewelry making kit), even ran into Carey...who was looking good, and even feeling good! yay! R3 isn't the best swimmer, poor baby, but luckily she didn't have to wear a life vest. They got to swim for an a really nice kid pool. It had a fountain, and buckets that filled and tipped over...super nice facility. It was super muggy in there though! All the adults were so happy to get back into regular a/c. She wound up eating three slices of pizza and a piece of cake! Must be starting a growth spurt. I'm glad she had a great time though. I don't know about y'all, but those things are no fun for me, unless I know the other parents. Her friend's parents were very nice, I chatted with them a little bit, but I'm not really friends with the moms at R3's school (I'm not that involved there...too much on my plate, but then I wind out on the outskirts at things like this...) I'm just not great at the whole small chat thing, with people I don't know, especially in unfamiliar settings...ugh, I was glad to escape when it was over! So awkward! Now, as all my friends will attest, if I do know you...or I'm on my home turf, you can't get me to shut up! lol...wish I was able to turn that on in other situations though...

R3 and I stopped at Dollar Tree to grab hair supplies...they go through those so fast! and the grocery store to grab some milk and eggs...then they had pies on sale, so of course I couldn't pass those up. I got a lemon meringue and strawberry rhubarb for dessert. David called to see if I could get Taco Bell's family pack, and luckily we were right next to that worked out! R3 even ate Taco Bell and pie...hungry little girl!

I never did get around to taking a pic until the kids were in bed.

I always get compliments when I wear my hair like this, so I figured I'd show you how it looks and how easy it is to tuck up! 

Basically, all you do is get an elastic headband and put it on top of your hair, almost like a flower child look. Then you literally just grab little sections of hair and tuck it up over the hairband and inside that with all your hair and in about 30 seconds you've got a cool, Grecian looking hairstyle. The neat thing is almost any hair length (other that super short) can do this! I find as the day goes on, the hairband can sometimes slip back a little, as you can see on mine, it started much closer to the hairline. Just be prepared to have lots of people say how cool it is and how do you do that? lol